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What are the Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology for Teachers?

What is a Master’s in Educational Technology for Teachers?

The master’s degree in educational technology from Park University is the perfect stepping stone to help teachers meet the needs of 21st-century learners in the classroom. After completing this program, teachers are prepared to facilitate student learning and to improve student performance by utilizing technology to meet student’s individual learning needs.

The overarching goal of this master’s program is to provide educators with high-quality instruction on the use of technology in the classroom via online classes for two years, including summers. This allows current teachers to work around their busy schedules to attain a master’s degree without interfering with their day-to-day teaching duties.

With the recent transition to online-only course instruction, this degree has been a lifesaver for lessening the stress of this massive change and made it less of a tense time for me and my coworkers, whom I’ve been able to help with the process because of my knowledge.

What You’ll Learn in an Educational Technology for Teachers Program 

While taking the courses for the master’s in educational technology online program, I developed the skills necessary to research and analyze different technology-based learning options to use as teaching tools in my classroom. I developed skills to increase the use of online- and technological-based teaching elements, while also acquiring knowledge of ways to keep my students safe and secure while learning online.

These skills are especially useful in these strange times where, for the foreseeable future, learning has fully transitioned to online-only classrooms. My knowledge of up-to-date and plentiful technology-based programs, teaching tools, and skills that I gained through this master’s program has given me the skills necessary to make this a smooth transition and allowed me to help my colleagues who may have been less prepared for this major change.

More specific to my current position as a secondary special education teacher at a school for behavior disorders, the skills I gained while obtaining this degree have allowed me to better meet the needs of my learners who have IEP programs and keep track of their goals and achievements.

Keeping these marginalized learners on track with their goals and objectives with the extra help of technology is especially rewarding, as it allows them to be more prepared for life after school. Technology-based educational tools make learning easier for them, teaching easier for me, and opens up opportunities for them that they may have otherwise not been given. The tools given to me in this program truly allow me to feel that my students actually have the same opportunities and educational fulfillment as the rest of their peers. The skills I gained really do help me to open up barriers for these students.

Advantages of an Educational Technology Degree

The advantages of receiving a master’s degree in educational technology for teachers are plentiful. I received a pay increase after completing my degree, as well as a stipend to perform the duty of “campus technology coordinator”. This degree has essentially paid for itself with the pay increase and stipend alone! My colleagues now come to me for advice on what teaching tool would be best for their classroom or a specific student. Now that the remainder of the school year will be online coursework, it has become even more apparent how valuable this degree is to myself and to my colleagues who seek my help or advice even more so now. The skills I learned have really become invaluable for the times we are currently facing.

Also since obtaining this degree I was honored with the task of speaking about my new skill set in the educational technology field at this year’s Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders. My Master Teacher Strand was given to a packed house at the Symposium and was well-received by all of the educators present. I was told by many colleagues and quite a few higher-ups how informative and knowledgeable my speech was, and I was greatly appreciative of the opportunity that came my way all because of gaining the master’s degree in educational technology.

In these uncertain times we as educators are facing in light of the worldwide change in learning, I really can not recommend obtaining a master’s degree in educational technology for teachers from Park University enough! It has changed my life, and it can change yours too.

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