Park University, Parkville, MO

Reasons to Attend Park University

A History of Successful Online Graduate Programs that Offer Flexibility and Balance

Many institutes of higher education are currently scurrying to adapt their programs into an online format. Prior to COVID-19, many colleges and universities required in-person participation to earn a degree from their institutions, making many opportunities unavailable to a wide range of people. Now those schools are attempting to do what Park University has been offering for many years. Park has a history of providing successful online programs in a range of different areas of career interest, and their degree programs are designed with courses that are streamlined to provide an engaging education and to meet accreditation requirements.

I completed an M.Ed in Language and Literacy from Park University. Before I began Park’s M.Ed program, I was concerned that I would find myself enrolled in a school where I would become another student ID number and in a program that didn’t consider my status as a professional.

Then I started researching Park University and found its commitment to providing a platform for professionals to grow in their education and in their career befitting to my needs. I needed a program that offered flexibility so that I could not only cultivate my professional skills, but also maintain my roles as an educator, mother, and wife. While working full-time as a high school teacher, I was able to balance life and school because Park designs its programs to set students up for success. Within two years I was able to complete a master’s degree by finding times that worked with my schedule to complete coursework.

Program Curriculum That is Relevant to Real Life Teaching

An educator’s metaphorical toolbox must constantly evolve and expand to meet the needs of the modern student body. The importance of collegiate programs offering curriculum that is relevant to real life teaching is superlative to expanding the repertoire of instructional tools and pedagogical practices of today’s educators. If professionals in the field of education are not immersed in curriculum that is relevant to their real life practice, then their time as a student is not being well spent.

Park University designs its programs with the contemporary classroom in mind. The courses — and course descriptions — that make up the different Education programs at Park University attest to Park’s commitment to provide relevant curriculum to educators looking to grow in their profession.

Throughout the M.Ed Language and Literacy program, I acquired a comprehensive understanding of the historical and contemporary aspects of the literacy field, both of which enriched my understanding of why students might struggle with reading and what I might be able to do about it. Much of the coursework that I completed challenged me to evaluate my own teaching practice and encouraged me to try new strategies. I left Park University better equipped to serve students than before I arrived, and I attribute my growth to the curriculum and design of Park’s program.

Educators can Readily Apply What They’ve Learned from the Program

As the student body, technology, and world we live in continue to rapidly change, teachers have to enter the classroom ready to hit the ground running. Now more than ever, there is a demand for educators to be dynamic and to be prepared, to be flexible and to be versatile. Educators are looking to apply their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses so that they can keep up with the evolving challenges that they face. Undoubtedly, professionals in the field of education who are seeking to commit to their next step in higher education are looking for a program that will provide them with a skillset that they can readily apply to their classrooms.

As I worked my way through the Language and Literacy program at Park University, course after course, I was able to apply new knowledge to reconceptionalize and evolve my educational practices. My metaphorical toolbox grew with new tools to formatively assess learning, to provide high quality instruction and interventions, to better manage students and their learning, and to refine my pedagogy; my professional library grew with a great selection of texts from leaders in academia that helped me organize and categorize all of my readily available educational tools. Being able to take my professional growth back into my classroom and see the immediate impact on my students made my commitment to earning an M.Ed that much more salient.

Communication with Staff, Professors, and Cohort Members is Top-Notch

A tell-tale sign of caring about others is the availability and quality of communication. The ability to reach out to classmates and instructors with hopes to receive a constructive and timely response is of the utmost importance, especially when attempting to balance higher education coursework with a family and career.

At Park University, courses and programs are designed so that communication tools are readily available. Digital classrooms provide access to ongoing chats and ways to reach out to other students in the class, and instructors are mindful of responding to inquiries in a timely manner. Throughout undergraduate and graduate programs nationwide, teachers study the importance of communication, so why wouldn’t teachers expect top-notch communication when fulfilling the role of a student?

It is no secret that communication has an impact on success. As a student at Park University — as a student who was committed to distance learning — I needed to know that communication was as valuable to the staff and professors as it was to me. Every step of the way, from enrollment specialists to student support services to the technology department to my advisor and professors, I was met with positive and timely communications. The hospitality seemed to spill over into the digital classrooms as my cohort members’ interactions were led by professors who valued meaningful interaction. Top-notch communication creates a sense of community, and when traversing through higher education in a digital setting it is, from many angles, key to success.

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