How Park University Made the Program Convenient for Full-Time Teachers

It didn’t take me long after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Park University to decide I wanted to continue my education. I decided I wanted to work towards my master’s in educational leadership through Park. The decision was fairly easy for me, considering there were so many things I appreciated in the University. I had always known that Park had an outstanding reputation, and I actually had a school district tell me they prefer to hire teachers who have received their education through Park University. The decision process consisted of me considering time, money, and the rigor and relevance of the program and how I could apply what I am learning to my own career. The relationships that were built between the instructors at Park and I were the biggest reason I felt compelled to pursue my next degree here. I felt that they truly cared about my success the first time around, so I knew I wanted that support while working towards my master’s degree. I also could appreciate the collaborative learning within the cohort, and the online ability to still have relationships with other cohort members even though we were not physically in the classroom setting. Having the opportunity to work with other people in my cohort enabled me to learn with these other people, but also make lifelong friends. Flexibility within the master’s program was also important to me.  I felt the format offered would make it easier for me to balance work, family, and school at the same time. When I learned that they offered the program online, I knew that I wanted to take part in it. It allowed me to work in the day, and then study in the evening after time with my family. Instructors understood that I did indeed have a family and a job, which was important to me. They understood what I was juggling, and were extremely receptive to that. Yes, earning this degree required dedication and perseverance to.

Also, I felt the rigor offered within the program enabled me to grow not only academically, but professionally. I was able to transfer my learning from the program to my work within my own classroom and building. I felt equipped to experience leadership opportunities while having a better understanding of how to create a receptive learning environment for all learners. This gave me confidence to keep learning and growing my knowledge as an educator.

Deciding if, when, and where to pursue your education is a big decision, and it deserves much though and consideration. I know I made the best choice by attending Park University.