Park University campus building

Why I Enjoyed Getting My Master’s from Park University

I work full-time as a 1st grade teacher on top of being a mom and wife. I also just completed my master’s degree in language and literacy at Park University. Two years ago, the thought of getting my master’s degree was extremely overwhelming. However, Park University had great opportunities for me to complete this milestone in my life. Park University offers programs that are completely online, which is perfect for people like me. The only time I ever went to campus was to pick up my cap and gown. I was able to spend time with my toddler and husband every day, and then work on homework after my toddler went to bed. There were deadlines to meet, but I felt like I was able to work at my own pace since I was never required to go to campus for class.

Park University also offered rigorous and relevant instruction. Before starting graduate school, I heard from many people who felt the graduate program they had completed (at other universities) was not applicable to their field. I never felt this way at Park. After completion of my program, I am now a certified reading specialist. Even though I now hold a certificate for a different position in the education field, I was still able to apply everything I was learning with the students I currently work with. This definitely made the instruction more interesting and exciting.

One of my favorite parts of the master’s program was getting actual field experience while still being able to fulfill the duties of my full-time teaching position. During the first practicum, I was able to work with middle school students on the days I did not have recess duty. This was a very rewarding experience for me. I enjoyed getting to know students who were outside of my current certification.

For the second practicum, I was able to decide when I would work with my normal or group, during our normal school hours.

Park University has excellent programs for educators. I have expressed this to many people over the two years since starting my program. I am very thankful for the opportunity!