Teaching Students with Disabilities in

Adolescent Education Grades 7-12

(Professional Certification)

Online 33 credits * 2 years
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Program Highlights & Benefits

Flexible, online format

Leads to Professional NYS Certification as a Teacher of Students with Disabilities for Grades 7-12

No GRE required


Teachers who hold their initial certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities 7-12 who wish to advance to professional certification.

What You Learn

Teachers will further enhance their knowledge on teaching students with disabilities through the use of evidence based teaching approaches, cutting edge technology, in an intimate and personalized higher education setting.

How You Learn

Courses are all online asynchronous.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will receive a Master of Science in addition to Professional Certification in SWD Generalist Grades 7-12.

Degree Requirements

EDU 5020Theoretical Foundations and Teaching Practices of Regular and Special Education for Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6, Adolescence 7-123
EDU 5130Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Students in Inclusive Classrooms in Birth-Grade 2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-123
EDU 5230Instructional Applications of the Internet- Integrating Digital Age Tools into Instruction, Classroom Management, Communication, Collaboration3
EDU 5240Diverse Abilities and Needs of Students in Inclusive Classrooms Birth Grade-2, Childhood 1-6 and Adolescence 7-123
EDU 5275Characteristics of Students with Disabilities, Including Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder3
EDU 5276Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation of Students with Disabilities3
EDU 5278Strategies, Methods and Environments for Teaching Adolescent Students with Disabilities3
EDU 5280Curriculum Content, Practices and Environmental Issues for Teaching Adolescent Students with Disabilities3
EDUC 5642Thesis and Capstone Proposal Development for Special Education and Inclusive Classrooms in Adolescent Education3
EDU 5652Thesis and Capstone Project for Special Education and Inclusive Classrooms in Adolescent Education3
 Choose one of the following courses (Or other pre-approved special education course): 
EDU 5271Global Issues Relating to the Education of Students with Severe Disabilities3
EDU 5273Characteristics of Students with Severe Disabilities: Birth-2, 1-6 and 7-123
EDU 5274Autism Spectrum Disorder3
EDUC 5281Intro to DIRFloorTime Model3
 Total Credit Hours:33