Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Initial Cert Program - Early Elementary

(PreK - Grade 4)

Blended 39 major credits * 2.5 years

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8 week courses • Blended Format or Online

Program Highlights & Benefits

Blended program combines a personal cohort experience with the convenience of an online format

2.5 year completion time, including holiday breaks

Finish one course every eight weeks

Intern Program Available


This program is designed to provide individuals who have undergraduate degrees in fields other than education with the opportunity to pursue a career in teaching grades Pre K – 4. While earning a Master of Education degree, students also meet state requirements for Pre K – 4 teacher certification in Pennsylvania.

What You Learn

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to

  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the cognitive, emotional, physical and social development of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and children in the primary grades
  • Design and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for all children
  • Analyze the classroom environment to determine how it can be adapted to meet diverse needs of children
  • Develop and implement appropriate formative and summative assessment strategies

How You Learn

This program is offered in a blended format only. Cohorts of students enroll in 2 eight week sessions per semester and summer for the majority of the program and take one course per eight week session on the same night of the week. Each eight week course will have some face-to-face class sessions that will typically be held from 4:45 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. Additional sessions may be held in an online synchronous manner where you can work from home and participate in group class meetings. These class meetings will be supplemented by additional online activities which may include assignments, webinars or chats, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities completed electronically outside of class.

As part of the program, you will complete three different methods courses that are linked with field-based practicum experiences. This arrangement affords you the opportunity to design and deliver learning experiences for children in the PreK-4 classroom under the supervision of mentor teachers. The practicum needs to be completed within a general education classroom with a cooperating teacher in the PK-4 grade range. For each practicum, you are on-site at a school for a full day each week for three consecutive eight week sessions. In addition, you will complete at least one practicum in both the PK-1 and 2-4 grade ranges.

The student teaching experience is held during a 15 week semester and you also participate in a weekly seminar meeting. Students who work in schools may complete student teaching at their place of employment if the placement is appropriate (state-approved school, general education classroom, grade range PK-4) and the school administration approves. If you maintain continuous enrollment, you may complete the program in approximately 2 and one-half years.

*Occasionally classes are offered in 14 week sessions over the summer-Summer courses will be completed in 6 1/2 weeks

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will have earned a Master of Education degree that leads to the Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate in Pre K-4, which enables you to teach preschool through grade 4.

Degree Requirements

Master of Education with Initial Cert Program – Early Elementary (PreK – Grade 4)

Foundation of Early Childhood Education3
Psychology of Learning and Development3
Effective Teaching Practices: Creating Learner-Centered Classrooms3
Foundations of Inclusive Education3
Assessment in Inclusive Education3
Effective Instruction in Inclusive Education3
Teaching Literacy3
Practicum I (Linked with Teaching Literacy course)1
Teaching Science and Math3
Practicum II (Linked with Teaching Science and Math course)1
Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies3
Practicum III (Linked with Teaching Language Arts & Social Studies course)1
Addressing Needs of English Language Learners3
Supervised Field Experience: Student Teaching5
Graduate Student Teaching Seminar1
Total Credit Hours:39

Candidates may be asked to provide GRE/MAT scores, taken within 5 years, if their undergraduate GPA is below 3.0.

Please Note:

This is only an introduction to the program. Coursework may be taken in a different order than the sequence listed above.

**Intern Program Available**