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What are the Advantages of a Master’s in Educational Leadership?

In 2019, I completed my master’s in educational leadership with a principal certification. Holy Family University presents a unique opportunity to receive a high-quality education from a high-quality pool of instructors to achieve your degree no matter what your situation may be.

What is a Master’s in Educational Leadership?

At Holy Family University, the main goal of the educational leadership program is to help instill the qualities of highly qualified educators and prepare them for administrative opportunities. When I started in this program I was nervous to take this leap because there is a lot to learn on this side of education. But once I received more information about this program, I knew it was the right fit for me.

First, the program at Holy Family is affordable which I appreciated because I got a sense that their main focus was on the students and giving their students the education that would help to prepare us for real world application.

Second, there are two options for the master’s in educational leadership to either be 100% online or a blended option. I chose the 100% online option because I was working full time as an elementary librarian. Each course is eight weeks long so that the degree can be completed within two years. Their delivery of materials was amazing and the instructors were supportive through all of the courses. I never felt overwhelmed with the amount of work or material that was given while also being academically challenged.

A master’s in educational leadership is a program designed for teachers that are looking to pursue a principal certification. It is also designed for individuals that want to grow personally and professionally. The program also incorporates a practicum that will allow you to observe an administrator in their daily duties and the role that they play in the school environment.

What You’ll Learn in an Educational Leadership Program

In this program from Holy Family University, you will learn a deeper understanding of the daily functions of the school system and how to navigate through the large system that is education. Some of the concepts that are taught are areas that you really do not get to see as an educator in a classroom. Holy Family University established a program that has courses dedicated to specific areas. While you are working through the program, you can see how each course builds upon that last one and connects the ideas together. The instructors create discussion pieces that help students to build these connections while also giving them time to reflect on their own personal experiences. This connection helps the material become a personal investment.

Some of these areas that are taught include school finance, legal and social issues, curriculum, pedagogy, and supervision. When I entered this program I had a basic understanding of these topics, but through the courses I was able to become more knowledgeable. These are topics that I didn’t really use in the classroom, but as time has progressed, I’ve seen myself pulling from what I was taught to implement them into my daily routine.

Another thing that is a central theme throughout the whole program is to recognize, teach, and understand a diverse population. Whether it be students, parents, stakeholders or private/public school systems, they try to have you think critically to provide for any type of student in any type of setting.

Advantages of a Master’s in Educational Leadership

In my personal experience, I felt that one of the best advantages of earning a degree in educational leadership is that you have a deeper and broader understanding of the education system from an administrative point of view that you may not have had before. While I was in the middle of my degree program, I was interviewing for a position as a librarian in a new school district. I think that going through some of the course work that I had already completed led me to become a more well rounded educator. What I had learned helped me to feel more confident when I went into interviews.

A degree in educational leadership can also include a raise in your step for a pay increase. After you complete your degree, you can apply for an increase in your pay so that the school recognizes your master’s degree. Another advantage is that you are better prepared to take on a leadership role when the opportunity presents itself.

Overall, I think the master’s in educational leadership is an amazing program that Holy Family University has built. I feel that it has made me a stronger educator in my current environment and also prepared me for other professional endeavors.

Ready to step out of the classroom and transition into leadership? Explore Holy Family University’s M.Ed. Educational Leadership program to get started today!