Instructional Strategist II:

Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders

Online 23-24 credit hours * 18 months

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Program Highlights & Benefits

Upon completion, students are recommended for the Instructional Strategist II LD/BD Endorsement which allows them to work with students who have intensive learning and behavior needs.

Innovative curriculum and teaching methods; learn how to intensify instruction to meet the needs of students with significant academic challenges as well as behavior needs.

Convenient online or blended courses structured for working educators

Basic computer skills required, user friendly format


Current teachers who desire to become prepared to serve students with behavior disorders and learning disabilities.

What You Learn

The Instructional Strategist II: LD/BD focuses on preparing teachers to serve students with significant learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in school settings. Graduates gain expertise in instructional interventions, learning methods, educational alternatives and strategies, and related services to help students with exceptionalities. You will gain knowledge of the social, emotional, and behavioral characteristics and development of students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, including the impact of such characteristics on classroom learning as well as associated domains.

How You Learn

Fully Online: You will log into Blackboard to complete assignments, participate in online discussions, and complete group activities. Some of the activities may include chats, discussion boards, recorded and/or live webinars, and various web links for viewing. For Instructional Strategist II: LD/BD practicum, you will be placed in local special education classrooms to observe and apply teaching methods and classroom management strategies with emphasis on special education students with behavior and/or learning disabilities.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students earn the endorsement to teach Instructional Strategist II: LD/BD. Graduates gain expertise in overseeing classroom programs and curriculum, monitoring weekly and daily improvement of learning goals, and modifying any instructional methods that might not be achieving those goals.  Because this is a K-12 endorsement, students will be exposed to several age levels of students and may work with students in their own setting – if applicable. Students will receive regular feedback from a university supervisor on their teaching practices.


Students applying to this program must hold a baccalaureate degree earned from a regionally accredited institution, a validated minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (Students below 3.0 will be considered for provisional acceptance), and a current license to teach in the state of Iowa.

Degree Requirements

EDGR 539Individual Behavior Management3
EDGR 573Instructional Strategist II: Characteristics of Learning Disabilities & Behavioral Disorders3
EDGR 578Instructional Strategist II Methods: Learning Disabilities2
EDGR 579Instructional Strategist II Methods: Behavioral Disorders2
EDGR 564Instructional Strategist II: LD/BD Practicum3
EDGR 538Diagnosis and Evaluation of Special Education Students3
EDGR 536Working with Families, Teachers, and Community Agencies3
EDGR 515Mental Health First Aid / Trauma-Informed Care: What to Know to Be Successful with Children1-2
EDGR 535Career / Vocational Programming3
 Total Credit Hours:23-24
Please Note:

This is not an official schedule and your cohort may take these courses in a different order.