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What You Learn

The 36-credit Administration and Leadership Program (ALP) develops visionary leaders who understand the factors that sustain a school culture and instructional program conducive to learning and growth. It also provides the administrative know-how, best practices, and theoretical foundation to plan strategically, respond to issues effectively, and manage complex school organizations with integrity and efficiency. The program also aids candidates’ understanding of the social, legal, economic, cultural, and political context of schools and their ability to collaborate with professional staff, families, agencies, and others to achieve common goals on behalf of students. Program emphasis is on evidence-based decision making to improve instruction and student learning outcomes. The program is aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders (NJPSSL) and to the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).

Georgian Court’s programs in Administration and Leadership were designed to enable candidates to meet state certification requirements and program objectives linked to standards of practice. Each course includes one or more performance assessments or artifacts that link to these expectations. They balance theory and practice by requiring candidates to apply what they are learning to resolve prototypical issues and to practice skills needed for effective administration. As candidates progress through their programs, artifacts are archived in an e-portfolio allowing candidates to self-assess and monitor their own professional development as well as presenting their work product for review and evaluation by their faculty and mentors. The e-portfolio also includes reflections, journals, and both independent and collaborative responses. It promotes the career-critical skills of analysis and reflection, and a disposition toward lifelong learning. By the end of the program, candidates have amassed a substantial body of evidence that they have met Georgian Court’s standards and those of the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders and to the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).

The 300-hour internship is a two-part capstone experience in the Masters of Arts in Administration and Leadership Program during which candidates apply leadership and management knowledge and skills learned in the program to the practice of educational administration. Candidates prepare a reflective written, culminating report and a portfolio describing their internship experience. The report, portfolio, and preparation process are described in the program’s Guidelines for the Internship. Candidates are guided through the internship by assigned university professors and by local school district administrators and supervisors. The course is aligned with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLC) and the New Jersey Standards for School Leaders. Candidates earn 6 graduate credits over the two semester period of the internship.

Building on the 300 hour internship experience required for principal certification, the student will complete an additional 150 hour internship under the guidance of a qualified Georgian Court University professor and an administrator currently serving in a role requiring School Administrator certification. The focus of the internship will be on district level operations, school budget and finances, curriculum development, board of education relationships, funded programs, school law and senior leadership. The student will complete a journal documenting internship experiences and required hours. The course is aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders. Prerequisite: Eligibility for Certification as a Principal in New Jersey.

How You Learn

This is a cohort program. The entire program is laid out in advance. Students finish 1, 3-credit course every 7.5 weeks. Cohort courses run during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Online activities may include assignments, materials, discussion threads, assessments, and group activities done electronically.

Career Outcomes

The program leads to the award of a Master of Arts in Administration and Leadership. Candidates who possess a valid New Jersey instructional certificate and three years of qualified teaching experience may also earn School Supervisor certification. Students who complete the appropriate course sequence and the accompanying Praxis II exam will earn Certificates of Eligibility with Advanced Standing as Principal, School Administrator, and/or Business Administrator depending on the student’s chosen sequence. 

Degree Requirements

M.A. in Administration & Leadership leading to Principal, School Supervisor

EDC5010Curricular Leadership for the Inclusive Schools3
EDC5102Supervision of Instruction in Inclusive Schools3
EDC5013Curricular Leadership & Management for Diverse & Inclusive Schools3
EDC6401Supervision & Leadership of Instruction & Learning3
EDC6101Organizational Leadership Theory in the Inclusive Schools3
EDC5014Methods of Research for Leaders in Inclusive Schools3
EDC5101School Law3
EDC6102Organizational Leadership Practice in the Inclusive School3
EDC6103Data-based Strategies for Decision Making3
EDC6104Financial Management3
EDC6090-1Internship in Administration & Leadership I & II6
 Total Credit Hours:36

To obtain the M.A. in Administration & Leadership with the School Administrator Certificate, you will need to complete all the courses for the M.A. in Administration & Leadership as well as the course listed below.

EDC6094Internship in Administration & Leadership III150 hours or 3 credit hours/1 semester

School Business Administrator Certificate

AC501Survey of Accounting3
EC501Economic Survey3
EDC5101School Law3
EDC6101Organizational Leadership Theory in the Inclusive School3
EDC6102Organizational Leadership Practice in the Inclusive School3
EDC6104Financial Management3
 Total Credit Hours:18

Post-Master’s School Supervisor Program (School Supervisor Certification Only)

School Supervisors are key school or district professionals who work with instructional personnel on issues of curriculum, instruction, and the development of the instructional staff. Individuals with this endorsement may also be appointed as an assistant superintendent with responsibilities for curriculum and/or instruction. The program’s focus is the development of 21st century curricular leadership skills for the inclusive school and district.

EDC 5010Curricular Leadership for the Inclusive School 3
EDC 5102Supervision of Instruction in Inclusive Schools 3
EDC 5013Curricular Leadership & Management for Diverse & Inclusive Schools 3
EDC 6401Supervision & Leadership of Instruction & Learning 3
 Total Credit Hours:12
Please Note:

Program and course requirements are subject to change to comply with university policy and updates to NJDOE certification regulations.