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How Georgian Court University Made the Admission Process Easy

Helpful, Available Advisors

Receiving information, assurance, and guidance from advisors became monumental to my admission process at Georgian Court University. Naturally, I had numerous questions and was slightly apprehensive about applying. When I reached out with questions about the Administration in Education program, I was encouraged to attend an information session, where I would be able to receive additional information and ask any questions I may have.

I had initially attended an information session at the Hazlet campus, which was closer to my home. There, I was able to receive answers to my many questions about my interest in attending Georgian Court’s administration in education program. At the information session, I was able to meet with various individuals such as program coordinators, advisors, and program directors. All individuals I met were extremely helpful and friendly. When I had follow up questions after the info session, advisors quickly responded to me through email.

They also made efforts to let me know they were available to meet with me if desired, as well as phone calls. This support and guidance made my decision much easier. Once I felt that advisors were consistently available and I felt like a priority, I was eager to proceed with the admission process. Along the way, advisors guided me through the application process as well as provided me with resources I may have needed and where and when to go next. This support made the process quick, easy, and eased my apprehensions.

Accessible Resources

As I frequently contacted advisors, they often provided me with resources depending on my inquiry. Such resources often included links to websites that would provide me with responses I was looking for. For instance, I was often provided with specific links to the New Jersey certification process and timeline in order to be aware of what to expect and when.

I was grateful that advisors took the time to provide me with specific information. Being provided with such resources gave me a clear picture of what to expect as I weighed whether or not the program would be the correct fit for me. Being directed to resources that outlined procedures, deadlines, and requirements lead me to conclude that I did in fact meet the requirements and that I could confidently complete the program in the two years outlined.

In addition to advisors, Georgian Court provides countless other resources, such as Open House and Campus tours. The university’s Open Houses and Campus tours provide potential students the opportunity to explore campus and ask questions. I know when I had first attended a campus tour and open house when applying for my undergraduate degree, I was impressed with the campus. I thought it was beautiful but also not overwhelming. I remember thinking that it would be part of the perfect learning environment for me and that held true throughout my undergraduate education as well as my graduate experience.

Navigating Requirements and Locating Information

Georgian Court University’s website contains a variety of information as well as resources. The website is extremely easy to navigate and I often visited it in order to obtain information, such as the online application. Once I located the application on the website, the application was easy to complete.

The application provided all necessary information. I had reached out to a coordinator for clarification about requirements for being considered for admission. The director quickly got back to me with a response. For the administration in education program, five years of teaching experience is one of the requirements for being considered. Requirements were provided on the application.

The website also contains helpful information, such as contact information for the graduate and undergraduate programs. Contact information includes email and phone number, which makes it possible to reach out in whichever mode is most preferred.

Financial Aid

Financial aid forms can be overwhelming. However, Georgian Court University provides links and information in order to apply for aid. Georgian Court does provide many opportunities for loans, scholarships, and grants. The university’s website does contain very specific information for all of these options with guidance for specific options.

In addition to the information provided on the website, financial aid office information is provided in order to be able to directly contact the office for help. I did utilize the website to locate information regarding grant and scholarship opportunities. It was great having that information easily accessible at my fingertips. I did reach out to the registrar for clarification about qualifying, and I received a timely response with helpful information. Overall, the admission process was easy, I felt supported and was eager to apply and hopefully be admitted. Once I was, I was beyond grateful and excited for my next chapter of opportunity with Georgian Court University.

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