Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ

Reasons to Attend Georgian Court University

Congratulations! You have made the decision to obtain your graduate degree. That was probably the easiest part of the process. Now that you have made that decision, it is time for the second easiest part. Choosing Georgian Court University!

There is a myriad of reasons why Georgian Court is the right fit for you – mainly the accelerated format, the dedicated faculty and staff, and the curriculum. If you’re looking for a program with flexibility, that will give you the opportunity to expand your professional network, and provide you with real world experiences, then Georgian Court University is the school you are looking for. Let us dive into why Georgian Court is the best fit your master’s degree.

Convenient, Accelerated Format

Georgian Court’s hybrid master’s programs offer an accelerated program to help you achieve your degree quicker. My master’s program combined both in-person classes and online classes. We were able to physically meet three times out of the seven and half weeks we spent in each course.

While the programs are accelerated, that does not mean that they sacrifice content and mastery for the sake of time. The program is just as intensive as a traditional school. I work full-time as a teacher, own a small business with my boyfriend, volunteer on multiple boards, and I was still able to complete the program on time! Having the accelerated coursework allowed me to budget my time appropriately and still feel like I was gaining all the knowledge and experience as my peers in other institutions.

Having the option of completing this program via the hybrid schedule gave me the opportunity to have both virtual and in-person discussions, as well as the flexibility of when to complete my coursework. I feel as though the format of this program is the best fit for the working professional.

Dedicated and Supportive Professors, Chairs, and Advisors

The faculty that I worked with during my master’s program was phenomenal. They took the time to fully explain all the lessons as well as to provide their own real-life examples and experiences. The faculty members were all currently working in the education world in positions that those attending the class eventually hoped to achieve. Having their real-life experiences brought the material to life and allowed us to ask questions and engage in meaningful conversations that may not have occurred otherwise.

In the second year of the program we were provided with advisors to guide us through our experiences. Within the mentorship, we were able to meet one on one with our advisors as well as in small groups. This helped me build relationships with my classmates as well as to expand both my academic and professional network. The professors and advisors deeply care about our experience in our classes, our internship, and in our professional lives. It was evident from how they treated us and our conversations.

Relevant Curriculum

The curriculum was rich with real-world assignments and things that we would encounter in our eventual leadership positions. All of our experiences in our internship allowed us to participate in real-world situations where we were able to apply our knowledge.

The readings, the discussions, the projects — I have encountered all the content throughout my positions on different committees and PLCs. The curriculum has helped me become more prepared to make important educational decisions in my eventual leadership role. I feel confident that the knowledge I have gained from courses like Educational Law, Educational Finance, and Curriculum and Instruction has given me an advantage over students that have graduated from similar programs at different universities.

The feedback that was provided to us from our professors helped mold and shape our choices for our internship projects. I was able to work on committees that I never thought I would have a seat on, and lead initiatives in my school under the guidance of both my advisor and my principal. The types of projects that I chose to work on emulated many of the projects that I had completed previously in our coursework, which made the daunting task of completing the internship feel much more attainable.

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