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What are the Advantages of a Master’s Degree in Administration and Leadership?

What is a Master’s in Administration and Leadership?

A master’s degree in administration and leadership is the key to opening new doors within the educational world. This program allows you to apply for your certificate as a supervisor or principal and can even lead you on the path to becoming a superintendent or school business administrator! Having a master’s in administration and leadership allows you to see the responsibilities of an administrator while maintaining your role as a classroom teacher.

A master’s in administration and leadership encompasses all areas of the administrative field – from school law to school finance, curriculum development and data analysis, to interpersonal skills and learning how to be a leader. This program allows you to dive into the role of an administrator with real world projects but without the responsibility of being a school leader…yet.

What You’ll Learn in an Administration and Leadership Program

This program provided me with such a new respect and admiration for those on the administration team. You can see what it takes to be an administrator on a day-to-day basis and the types of decisions that must be made for the safety, security, and equity of all faculty, staff, and students.

All the classes you will take will provide you with a real-world project in which you will take on the role of an administrator. For example, you will learn how budgets are made at the school, district, and state level, as well as why money is allocated the way it currently is. You will learn how to analyze and develop a curriculum as if you were a supervisor, taking data and student achievement into account when making decisions. You will learn about school laws, their origins, and how to handle different situations that may arise in a school building from a legal standpoint.

Your final internship is a culmination of all the classes that you’ve taken, working with a current administrator, and applying the knowledge from each one to complete projects that are based on the population you are working with. By interning under a current administrator, you will have the opportunity to learn from and work with someone who has the experience and can guide you through the daily responsibilities of an administrator.

Advantages of an Administration and Leadership Degree

One of the major advantages of this degree is that it allowed me to understand what is expected of a building or district administrator on a day-to-day basis. Often, as a teacher, we are so immersed in our own classrooms that we may question or not understand some of the decisions our administration may make.

However, by completing the required internship and spending time working on projects that are part of an administrator’s day-to-day operations, it opened my eyes to better understand where the decisions being made are coming from. While being in the classroom, we only have decisions to make based on the 25 or so children in front of us. Being an administrator means having to make decisions based on the entire student, faculty, and staff population. This degree program helps you better understand this role.

Another advantage is the opportunity for professional growth. Through this program and my internship, I was able to assist in many areas that I was unfamiliar with, such as budgeting, school safety decisions, data analysis and dissemination, observations, and daily decision-making. The classes that you will engage in with this program involve activities and exercises that put you in the shoes of an administrator and ask you to make decisions as if you were one. The amount of real-world experience and preparation in this program will help you become a better, more informed educator and eventual administrator.

The final advantage is the one that I’m sure will interest the most people – the salary change. Before starting this program, I had already completed one master’s program. By completing this master’s program, I was able to receive my 6th year certification and gain an increase in my salary. Once you are hired as an administrator or school leader, you will see that your salary will increase as well. I was able to not only gain a lot of real-world knowledge, but also an increase in pay as well. To me, a program of this caliber was a win-win in terms of where I currently am professionally and personally.

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