Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.)

Teacher Leader

with Moderate to Severe Disabilities Certification

Online 30 major credits * 20 months

Repayment after graduation as low as


*if using financial aid

How to Pay
Accredited and Affordable Master's Programs

Program Highlights & Benefits

100% online cohort

20 month completion time, including holiday breaks

No GRE required for some programs

No weekend classes


For experienced teachers who hold a teaching certificate and who wish to earn a first Master’s degree in education (Rank II) and Moderate to Severe Disabilities (MSD) certification. Experienced teachers who hold a teaching certificate and a first Master’s degree in education may also choose to complete this program to earn a second Master’s degree and Rank I.

What You Learn

The basic tenet of the Teacher Leader Master of Arts Program at Georgetown College is to empower candidates to become teacher leaders so that they can build capacity within their schools and districts. Through the program’s core curriculum, candidates will develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be effective educators in their own classrooms and to have the skills to enhance the professional growth of their colleagues and to affect school-wide change. 

Additionally, Kentucky needs highly effective MSD teachers. The Moderate & Severe Disabilities certification portion is designed to provide certified teachers with knowledge and strategies to teach MSD school-age children and young adults, as well to plan for their transition into adult life. Research-based practices are stressed. Instructional, social, educational, and transitional needs are addressed from birth through adult life. Collaboration with regular education, families, and community agencies in inclusive settings is emphasized.

How You Learn

This is fully online cohort. Face-to-face class meetings are not required. You will log into the online classroom using our online learning management system to participate in online activities which may include assignments, webinars or chats, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically. You will finish one course every 7 and a half weeks. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 20 months.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program students will have earned a Teacher Leader Master of Arts in Education degree. A passing score on the appropriate Praxis exam will be required to receive the Moderate to Severe Disabilities (MSD) Certification.

Degree Requirements

ECE 600Introduction to Teaching Students with MSD3
ECE 604Teaching Individuals with Physical & Multiple Disabilities3
ECE 606Transition Services for Students with Disabilities3
ECE 602Curriculum and Instruction for Students with MSD3
ECE 608Field Component in MSD3
EDU 510Foundations: Becoming a Teacher Leader3
EDU 527Advanced Applications of Technology for Teacher Leaders3
EDU 545Curriculum and Assessment for Teacher Leaders3
EDU 529Teaching in a Diverse Society: Deepening the Skills for Teacher Leaders3
EDU 626Developing Teacher Leadership through Research / Implementation of Capstone Research Project6
 Total Credit Hours:33
Please Note:

This is only an introduction of the program. Coursework may be taken in a different order.