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Less than one year

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For experienced certified teachers who wish to add an endorsement or an additional certification to their certification. These courses may be taken alone to earn the endorsement or certification or may be added to our Teacher Leader degree program.

What You Learn

Georgetown College’s endorsement programs are designed to give practicing teachers the knowledge and skills that they need to expand their teaching abilities. You may choose from five endorsement options:

  • English as a Second Language (P-12): Help non-English-speaking students succeed academically and culturally
  • Instructional Computer Technology (P-12): Enhance your classroom technology knowledge and skills and become a school technology leader
  • Gifted Education (P-12): Work with students who have shown significant academic promise
  • Moderate and Severe Disabilities (P-12): Provide certified teachers with knowledge and strategies to teach MSD school-age children and young adults, as well to plan for their transition into adult life. (LBD Certification Required.)
  • Literacy Specialist (P-12): Prepare candidates to be reading specialists and literacy coaches in schools

How You Learn

This is a fully online cohort. Face-to-face class meetings are not required. You will log into the online classroom using our online learning management system to participate in online activities which may include assignments, webinars or chats, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically. You will finish one course every 7 and a half weeks.

Career Outcomes

Endorsements may also be embedded into a degree-seeking program, which would be our Master of Arts in Education Teacher Leader program, for a Rank change.

Endorsement Requirements

Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement (P-12)

EDU 557Planning and Management of Technology in Schools3
EDU 527Advanced Applications of Technology for Teacher Leaders3
EDU 560Methods of Teaching Technology Concepts with Practicum3
EDU 630Technology in the Online Classroom3
EDU 642Coding for Teachers3
 Total for Endorsement Only:15

English as a Second Language Endorsement (P-12)

EDU 580ESL Teaching Methods and Techniques3
EDU 581ESL Assessment and Culture3
EDU 583ESL Linguistic Theory and Analysis3
EDU 585ESL Leadership3
EDU 587Communicating with Immigrants3
 Total for Endorsement Only:15

Gifted Education Endorsement (P-12)

EDU 520Foundations of Gifted Education3
EDU 521Curriculum and Instruction in Gifted Education3
EDU 522Differentiating for Gifted Learners in the Regular Classroom3
EDU 523Practicum in Gifted Education3
 Total for Endorsement Only:12

Moderate and Severe Disabilities Certification (P-12)

ECE 600Introduction to Teaching Students with MSD (10 hours of field experience)3
ECE 604Teaching Individuals with Physical & Multiple Disabilities (10 hours of field experience)3
ECE 606Transition Services for Students with Disabilities (10 hours of field experience)3
ECE 602Curriculum and Instruction for Students with MSD (10 hours of field experience)3
ECE 608Field Component in MSD (45 hours of field experience)3
 Total Credit Hours:15

Literacy Specialist Endorsement (P-12)

EDU 516Research-Based Practices in Literacy Instruction P-123
EDU 517Educational Policy and Theoretical Foundations of Literacy3
ENG 526Teaching P-12 Writing Across the Curriculum3
EDU 604Instructional Coaching: Building Teacher Capacity through Mentoring and Collaboration3
EDU 662Assessing and Facilitating Literacy Development6
 Total for Endorsement Only:18
Please Note:

This is only an introduction to each endorsement. Coursework may be taken in a different order.