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The Director of Special Education degree is an administrative certification in the state of Kentucky. The Level I and II Director of Special Education program is designed for certified teachers who hold a Master’s degree in Education, have experience as a special education teacher or school psychologist, and wish to earn certification as a Director of Special Education in the state of Kentucky.

What You Learn

The Director of Special Education Program allows you the opportunity to learn advanced leadership skills that pertain to special education. You will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to advocate, nurture, and sustain a school culture that promotes high levels of student learning. You will work to understand the legal and ethical aspects of the school system as well as prepare and assist teachers in understanding best practices in special education. You will have coursework that focuses on budgeting and funding sources as well as how to support the individual schools with addressing student needs.

Throughout the program, you will have a mentor Director of Special Education that can support and guide you in learning how to support both the special education teachers in a building but also the students. You will participate in observations of teachers where you can share knowledge, skills, and training that encourages teachers to advocate and support students. With each course, you will work to build strong rapport with faculty, staff and support personnel at the school but also with students and families. Being a part of various observations and meetings will help you demonstrate and practice skills that will prepare you to serve as a Director of Special Education.

How You Learn

For the Level I portion of the program, you will complete 15 credit hours. Once certified and working as a Director of Special Education, you will complete 6 additional hours towards the level II certification. These classes are fully online. Two three-hour courses will be offered in a 15-week format. Although clinical educators from the college and/or your professor will provide on-site support and assistance periodically throughout each class, face-to-face class meetings are not required. You will log into the online classroom using our online learning management system to participate in online activities which include assignments and project implementation based on your duties within your current employment. Following this schedule, you will complete the Level I program in two semesters and one summer session.

Career Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Director of Special Education coursework (Level I), a recommendation will be made for Certification for the Director of Special Education.

Degree Requirements

Level 1

EDA 600Introduction to School Leadership by Leading Teaching and Learning3
ECE 700Administration Of Special Education Programs3
EDA 604Organization and Legal Aspects of the School Principal3
ECE 702Advanced Topics in Assessment and Collaboration for Special Education Leaders3
ECE 704Special Education Law And Finance3
 Total Program Hours for Level 115

Level 2 (6 hours required for 5 year renewal) – complete 6 hour Capstone Project in Special Education Administration area

ECE 706Internship in Ed Leadership: Director of Special Education6
 Total Program Hours for Level 26
Please Note:

This is only an introduction of the program. Coursework may be taken in a different order.