Student Application Checklist

For Instructional Leadership Program Applicants

Accredited and Affordable Master's Programs

Thank you for your interest in our Cohort Master's Programs.

To reserve your seat in a cohort we will need your application and $50 application fee. These items are found in Steps 1-2 and can be completed by clicking the orange button after each step, which will take you directly to the online student portal.


Application for Graduate Admission

Complete and submit the cohort application by clicking the button.


Application Fee

Please click the button to submit your non-refundable $50 application fee. This button will take you directly to your secure online student portal log in page.

Instructional Leadership - Advanced Leadership Studies (Level II) ONLY:

To be eligible for Level II, you must have completed a Level I Instructional Leadership program (and currently hold a Statement of Eligibility for Provisional Certification for Instructional Leadership – School Principal, grades P-12).

  • If you completed your Level I program through Georgetown College, you will only be required to submit an Application, Application Fee, Curriculum Contract, 4 C’s Writing Prompt, and Official passing scores for the Specialty Test of Instructional Administrative Practices (6015) and School Leaders Licensure Assessment exams (6011).
  • If you completed your Level I Instructional Leadership program at an institution outside of Georgetown College, you will be responsible for submitting all required Level I admissions documents listed on this checklist to pursue Level II.

Once you have reserved your seat, complete the remaining admission steps. 


Financial Aid & Payment Options

Determine how you plan to pay for the program: Financial Aid or Pay-As-You-Go. If using Financial Aid, Complete the FAFSA online. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid process as early as possible. See the How to Pay page for information about Financial Aid or the Deferred Payment Plan.


Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts with undergraduate degree posted and official transcript if graduate coursework was completed. Students must have either a 2.75 undergraduate GPA or a 3.0 on the last 30 hours of coursework, or a 3.5 on 15 hours of graduate work.


Recommendation Forms & Superintendent's Endorsement

Candidates for the MA in Education with School Principal Certification (P-12) are required to submit three favorable recommendations attesting to the applicant’s skills and understanding in the areas of ability to improve student achievement, leadership, and advance knowledge of curriculum instruction, and assessment.

One recommendation should be completed by your principal, one recommendation should be completed by a fellow teacher or peer, and one recommendation should be completed by your superintendent. The recommendation form for the Superintendent can also be completed by a designee of the Superintendent. These recommendations must be submitted within your application in the online student portal. For each recommendation, you will need the name and email address of the recommender.

*We also require our candidates to have a Memorandum of Agreement from their Superintendent. This document will be secured by Georgetown College.


Curriculum Contract

Complete and submit the Curriculum Contract using your online student portal.


Copy of your Teaching Certificate

Please submit a copy of your teaching certificate to Candidates for the MA in Education with Instructional Leadership (School Principal, P-12) concentration are required to hold a current Kentucky Teaching Certificate or be eligible for a Kentucky Teaching Certificate with three years of documented teaching experience in a public school or appropriate nonpublic school as determined by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.


Admissions Portfolio

Candidates are required to submit an entrance portfolio which includes the following:

  • Personal Essay 
    – 1-2 page essay discussing your journey as an educator, your reasoning behind desiring to become a principal, and your leadership potential. Use the artifacts listed below as evidence to demonstrate your potential to be an effective school leader that can have a positive effect on student learning. Please include documentation of 3 years of teaching experience including the school(s) and employment dates.
  • Most Recent Performance Appraisal 
    – A copy of your evaluation from your principal
    – A copy of your personal professional growth plan
  • Professional Development 
    – A summary of your School Improvement Plan and / or district improvement plan and documentation of your contribution to that plan
    – Any copies of certificates of Attendance and Completion of Professional Development Activities from the past two years, if applicable
  • Evidence of Ability to Improve Student Achievement 
    – Before and after testing data (classroom or building – state and/or local), subgroup testing data, gaps analysis data
  • Evidence of Leadership Potential 
    ​- Evidence of leadership roles within committees (minutes), directing and/or leading professional development activities, supervising Professional Learning Communities, participation in local or state committees or boards

Please clearly label each section. You may submit it via email to in one document.


4 C's

Please answer the writing prompt using critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. You may view the prompt in your student portal at the bottom of your status page. Please submit your completed sample via email to


Successful Interview with the Selection Committee

Candidates for the MA in Education with Instructional Leadership (School Principal, P-12) concentration are required to complete a successful interview with the selection committee. You will be contacted to schedule your interview once all other documents in your application file have been received and reviewed. Interviews may be conducted face-to-face, via online conference technology such as Skype, or via telephone depending on your distance from campus and the availability of the committee.