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How I Paid for My Graduate Degree from Georgetown College

In a world where the almighty dollar seems to reign supreme, Georgetown College keeps its sights focused on their students. Georgetown still strives to keep the costs for their students as low as possible, along with offering many aid options to secure an education for their applicants.

Don’t count a graduate degree out simply because of financial concerns, because when you’re talking about a college that will fight for the future of their students, anything is possible!

My Experience

I was first presented with the idea of attending Georgetown College from a bright pink flyer left in my teacher mailbox. Only a few moments into reading the flyer, I was impressed by the options to help working educators, like myself, comfortably further their education.

Not only did they offer several grants, loan options, and other payment options, but taking all online courses would allow me to continue my full-time career and not compromise my current income. I realized very quickly that Georgetown was indeed a place of opportunity and not obstacles.

Since day one of applying to Georgetown College, I have been presented with nothing but positivity and more than enough financial options to plan my degree successfully. I was always made to feel like my degree was not a fairytale but an attainable goal.

With all online courses, financial aid, and payment plan options, a course at a time workload, and dedicated staff to help me organize my new journey, I was sold fairly quickly. After only a few correspondences, I was positive that Georgetown College was indeed the place to help me achieve my professional goals.

Financing Your Degree

Once you decide that Georgetown College is right for you, you’re just a few steps away from beginning your journey without stressing over finances. First, fill out the FAFSA application while you’re working on admission. This is a free application process to help determine your eligibility for financial aid.

This document will then be on file at Georgetown, enabling you to consider several financial aid routes. Next, you will decide which option is the best for you, whether a direct unsubsidized loan or a grant program, and then fill out the necessary paperwork. Lastly, submit all required documents for your chosen aid each semester and start working towards that degree! Contrary to popular belief, this process isn’t daunting but, in fact, will offer you a positive graduate experience without financial strain.

Another thing to note is that, as a graduate student, I took only take one course at a time. This not only allows you to easily fit one course into your already busy lifestyle, but it also enables you to only have to pay for one course at a time. When you have a busy schedule, a full-time career, and a family to care for, this is a dream setup.

I was thankful to juggle everything with grace and not break my bank account while working towards my master’s degree. Thanks to Georgetown, my master’s experience was stress-free and realistically attainable.

Loan and Grant Options

Thankfully, there are several options for graduate students to use when financing their degree at Georgetown College! When you start looking into financial aid, you will receive information on both a direct unsubsidized loan as well as multiple grant opportunities. A direct unsubsidized loan is based on your tuition and any aid you’ve already received. You pay interest on this loan, but you do not have to show an explicit financial need in order to use this option.

There are also several grant opportunities for those pursuing a teaching certification. The TEACH grant (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education) offers assistance for those working towards a master’s in education. This grant does require an Agreement to Serve which requires that post-graduation you teach full-time for at least four years at a low-income school or educational service agency, among a few other requirements, to receive the grant fully and not have to pay the funds back.

This requirement should be considered when deciding if this grant is the best fit for you. The KHEAA’s Teacher Scholarship Program offers funding per semester for those trying to achieve a teaching certification in the state of Kentucky, and the Kentucky Trainee Program for Special Education (special education or early childhood education only) offers opportunities for financial support as well. Of course, FAFSA must be on file at Georgetown College before any of these options can be considered, so be sure to put this at the top of your to-do list.

Payment Plans

So, what if none of these options so far fit your situation? I felt that way too and was overjoyed to find that payment plans are also offered to better support my financial situation. A user-friendly online database allows you to enter your tuition costs each semester and enroll in a more comfortable payment plan.

Taking this route offered me a stress-free and interest-free way to pay for my classes and not feel financially crippled. The option to pay your tuition in smaller chunks on a pre-determined timeframe allows for a more positive experience.

Teacher by Day, Student by Night

As you can see, Georgetown College is the perfect place for working educators like you and me. Too many educators have struggled to try to juggle their careers, finances, and families while furthering their education, and I am blessed not to be one of them.

Here, you will be welcomed into a supportive environment that enables you to change the world one student at a time during the day and race towards your career goals in the evenings.