A school principal stands in front of a bus with students in the background.

All About Georgetown College’s Instructional Leadership (Level 1) Program

What does the Georgetown College Instructional Leadership program encompass?

The M.A.Ed. Instructional Leadership (Level 1) program at Georgetown College is designed for educators in Kentucky who desire to step up to the next level of responsibility as a school principal. The 30-hour program is entirely online to meet the needs of busy adults who are actively engaged in working as full-time educators in P-12 schools.

The program includes ten courses, each three credit hours, built around school and community engagement, school law, high-quality field experiences, and action research to prepare candidates for school leadership positions. All program curriculum is aligned with the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL).

What differentiates the Georgetown College Instructional Leadership program from other schools that offer a similar program?

In the Georgetown College instructional leadership program, candidates will learn from highly qualified instructors who have worked at all levels of P-12 administration, including experience as:

  • School district superintendents
  • Principals
  • District-level administrators
  • School board members
  • State-wide educational leaders

In addition, the instructional leadership program provides candidates with an additional layer of support in the field as each student is assigned a clinical educator who will serve as a coach and mentor to candidates during various field experience projects and the final capstone experience. Throughout the entirety of the program, this practitioner-based approach allows future school principals the opportunity to engage in action research, problem-solving, and implementation of real-time school improvement initiatives in home districts.

What career opportunities are available to students who graduate from the Georgetown College Instructional Leadership program?

After completing the Georgetown College instructional leadership program, candidates may apply for a Statement of Eligibility to earn a principal certification through the Education Professional Standards Board under the Kentucky Department of Education. Those seeking principal certification must pass Kentucky’s School Leaders Licensure Assessment that the Educational Testing Service gives.

Whether it’s a principal’s position or a supporting role as assistant principal, vice principal, or dean of students, Georgetown College has everything you need to make an immediate impact as a future school leader.

Why should a prospective student choose this program? Why should they choose Georgetown College?

Georgetown College is a leader in online graduate programs throughout Kentucky. The Education Department recently received a perfect evaluation from the Council for the Accreditation for Educator Preparation (CAEP) and a 2021 Frank Murray Leadership Recognition for Continuous Improvement award. The CAEP accreditation is valid from spring 2021 to spring 2028.

How will this program help educators during this time of COVID and post-pandemic teaching and learning?

Candidates within the Georgetown College instructional leadership program are ahead of the curve in rethinking what teaching and learning look like post-pandemic due to their own experience as online learners. This includes the practical application of remote learning strategies that utilize both a synchronous and asynchronous format, emphasizing organization, time management, and self-paced learning. This approach, combined with blended instruction during field experience courses, prepares candidates to serve as “digital leaders” by learning the necessary skills to engage in problem-solving and innovative solutions to create modern classrooms within P-12 schools.

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