Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY

Reasons to Attend Georgetown College

Thoughts of the future can be heavy ones: Will this journey prepare me for future success? Will this path help me to accomplish my goals? These decisions are not to be taken lightly, and choosing the right college affects them all. Where you decide to start the beginning of your career dramatically affects where you will end up.

Experiences shape who we are and build us into the professionals we are today or the ones we aim to be tomorrow. With this in mind, why not choose the very best place to start? Why not choose the college that builds its plans around you and your success?

Personalized Experience

As a graduate of Georgetown College, I never fail to sing their praises when reminiscing of my time there. It felt like another home base for me, and to beat it all, I never stepped foot on their campus. As a 100% online student, they were still able to affect my life in more ways than one and provide me with friendships and mentorships that I still have today.

With a student to faculty ratio of 12:1, I knew all the students in my cohort and loved having them as a sounding boards throughout my time there. With the average class size being that small and personal, the professors knew us, and we knew them. I received personalized feedback, differentiated instruction, and more than enough support than I could have ever hoped for. I felt blessed every day to not feel like just another number.

Certified Faculty

Not only were class sizes small, but they were also only led by professionals that are leaders in their trade and more than qualified to instill the very best qualities in their pupils. At Georgetown College, there are roughly 85 overqualified professors ready to spread the knowledge they’ve gained over years of experience and time in their field.

85% of Georgetown’s faculty have a Ph.D. or the equivalent thereof. As a student, knowing I was getting instruction and advice from someone who had walked in the shoes I wanted to fill one day was invigorating. It gave me the confidence that I would be well-prepared for the day I would begin my journey down that professional path. It was nice to have professors who taught from their experience instead of a scripted resource; it meant the world to me to know that I was getting the best.

Focus on One Course at a Time

Understanding and application are far better than memorization alone. At Georgetown College, instead of juggling four to five classes and barely getting through, I was able to focus on one seven-and-a-half-week course at a time while attaining my master’s degree. This type of organization definitely has the student and the end product in mind. I never felt as though I was swimming in assignments or barely getting through my assessments.

This type of organization still allowed me to attain my master’s degree in two and a half years, without immense stress. I felt as though I was deeply rooted in my academics and working towards my future goals, yet still had time to relax and enjoy my family. To those who cherish a balance between our professional lives and our personal lives, an experience like this means the world.

Multiple Accreditations

Not only does Georgetown College provide the most qualified professors to their cohorts, but they also ensure well-structured and rigorous programs to send qualified graduates out into the professional world! They truly stand out with multiple college accreditations and nearly ten affiliations with organizations such as:

Someone searching for a solid foundation to begin or strengthen their professional journey should look no further. At Georgetown College, you will be hand-delivered the best possible and most effective instruction.

Fully Online Programs for Working Professionals

According to U.S. News and World Report, Georgetown College’s online graduate programs rank among the best in the United States. When I attended Georgetown College, I completed my master’s degree while working a full-time teaching job in a public school system and never once felt overwhelmed or pulled from my family. With many online courses, one can feel overlooked and unsupported.

Georgetown College goes above and beyond to close the gap between in-person and online student success. Every email was answered in a timely fashion, and we were provided with multiple live sessions to bring the classroom to us. I felt engaged, included, and successful right from my own home. There are several master’s programs that are 100% online, ensuring that you can further your education and continue working in your current profession with no interruptions.

A Christian Foundation

One of my favorite memories of attending Georgetown College was that my professors openly prayed for me. They would constantly send love and faith my way and it was more than just appreciated, it was coveted. Their prayers were in the salutations in their emails and conveyed many times in our live sessions.

Since the Christian faith is the foundation that Georgetown College was built on, it was always an open topic with God welcome in all of our classes. I cherished that a religious touch helped to build and shape my degree. It was easy to feel prepared to venture out into the world and do God’s work when my degree was built in His name.

Updated February 2022