Group of grad students sitting in a circle discussing.

5 Reasons I Loved Taking a Master’s Program Online at Georgetown College

In an age of online and distance learning, teachers and professionals who want to return to school are inundated with difficult choices that impact their personal and professional lives. While there are many options for a quality education online, Georgetown College rises above.

Affordability. Between the TEACH grant and relatively low tuition rates, Georgetown was by far the most affordable program in the state. Without sacrificing quality instruction or course availability, they are able to offer rates that fit the budgets of teachers (which are notoriously tight). Georgetown goes so far as to offer payment plans so student loans are often not needed.

Quality Professors. I was fortunate to work and study in the education program (both undergraduate and graduate) during my undergraduate studies at Georgetown. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with the faculty in many different capacities, and have seen firsthand the intentionality, passion, and intellect of the instructors. While much of the learning that takes place is asynchronous, the professors are always available for conferences via email, phone, and webinar. I have never felt left alone or that I was teaching myself content. The support and guidance is unparalleled!

Accessibility. The use of the Georgetown’s online class portal allows for discussion, self-paced learning, and organized assignment submission and tracking. I have participated in many undergraduate and graduate online courses, and I have seen the flexibility and efficiency of the platform. Instructors can personalize and organize the course to suit the needs of students. The submission sites, forums for discussion, and files are laid out in a user-friendly way that encourages deeper thinking and learning.

Diverse Perspectives. I was originally concerned about the lack of human interaction and face to face conversations that come with an online or distance learning program. However, the discussion boards and driving questions truly encourage effective discourse. Due to the nature of the program, students from all over the state and country come together to hash out pressing issues in education. If not for the online format, the teachers in each cohort may not have the chance to hear from others that are in different locations and schools.

Flexibility. Perhaps the most enticing piece of Georgetown’s master’s programs is the flexibility. With hectic schedules and late nights in the classroom, a teacher’s schedule looks different from week to week (or even day to day!). I sincerely appreciated the ability to work on assignments during planning and before and after school hours. I don’t have to commit to one specific night each week as with other programs, but I can participate in live webinars if I’m available. The programs at GC really do provide teachers with the best of both worlds!