Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Social Emotional

Online 36 credit hours * 1 - 2 years

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Program Highlights & Benefits

Master content-specific skills relevant to social emotional development

300-hour, two-semester internship – apply these mastered skills in your own professional educational settings

Faculty with experience as active leaders and administrators

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Certificate-only option available


The experienced teacher looking to understand and implement research about social emotional development as an overarching premise of the educational process, rather than something added to an already demanding PreK-12 curriculum

What You Learn

  • Understand, apply, and master social/emotional development research so this research and skillset can be embedded into a school district, school, or a classroom
  • Understand, apply, and evaluate learning increase with the implementation of prosocial behaviors such as kindness, sharing, and empathy
  • Develop critical social/emotional attributes for oneself, students, and for application into a school district, school, or a classroom
  • Synthesize current social/emotional research and plan and implement this work to the overall culture for school district, school, or classroom

How You Learn

Online courses, around your schedule

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will receive their M.Ed. in Social Emotional Learning

Degree Requirements

Required Curriculum

ED 559Understanding & Engaging in Helping Relationships**3
ED 560Professional Ethics**3
ED 568Social-Emotional Competence**3
ED 573Construction of Self-Learning**3
ED 576Mindfulness**3
ED 583Embedded Social Emotional Curriculum across Districts, Schools and Classrooms3
ED 586Introduction to Neuroscience for Social Emotional Development3
ED 591Building Effective School Culture for Social Emotional Development3
ED 592Leadership in School-Wide Implementation of Social Emotional Learning3
ED 593Internship Part I: Social Emotional Development3
ED 594Internship Part II: Social Emotional Development3
ED 595Masters Thesis: Social Emotional Development3
 Total Requirements36

**Denote courses in certificate-only option

Please Note:

This is not an official schedule and your cohort may take these courses in a different order.