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A teacher holds her head, looking tired, while her students draw on the chalkboard.

How Administrative Leadership Skills can Address Teacher Burnout

How Prevalent is Teacher Burnout? What Leads to Burnout? In today’s world, teacher burnout is a harsh reality. With added pandemic challenges such as remote learning, changes in learning standards, and an increase in teacher workload and duties, teacher burnout is real. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world of

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A graduation cap sits on a calculator surrounded by money.

How I Paid for my Master’s Degree from Endicott College

Paying for college is no easy feat. It can be a very challenging thing that most people have to endure. On top of paying for college, paying for a higher education degree (master’s, doctorate, etc.) comes with its costs, too. These costs could deter people from pursuing such a degree.

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Dr. Kristen DiGiovanni, Director of Field Based Experiences, Director of Social Emotional Learning Masters, and Associate Director of Fellows and Fifth Year Programs, Endicott College, MA

Faculty Spotlight: Kristen DiGiovanni, Director of Field-Based Experiences, Director of Social Emotional Learning Masters, and Associate Director of Fellows and Fifth Year Programs

What programs do you teach at Endicott College? What drew you to this field of study? What keeps you excited about it? As the Director of Field-Based Experiences, my main focus is on experiential learning through clinicals and field-based experiences both in classrooms and other educational institutions. In addition, I

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Button with a graduation cap and the word “education” on a computer keyboard key.

How Endicott College Made the Admission Process Easy

Available Resources When searching for a program to pursue my M.Ed. in Administrative Leadership, I considered many factors. Endicott College offered a free online webinar that walked you through the program. During this webinar, they discussed how to go about the admission process in great detail. They described what is

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Brendon Rosenau, Endicott College M.Ed. Administrative Leadership program

Student Spotlight: Brendon Rosenau, M.Ed in Administrative Leadership

Currently pursuing an M.Ed. in Administrative Leadership, we spoke with current Endicott College student, Brendon Rosenau, to hear about his experience so far tackling his graduate education degree. Hear what he had to say below. Why did you want to work in education? What inspired you? Ironically, I hated school

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Reading specialist working with a young boy reading a book.

All About Endicott College’s New M.S. Reading Instruction Program

Are you looking to become a reading specialist or literacy coach? Are you a classroom teacher looking to improve or develop your reading instruction? In the School of Education at Endicott College, our graduate programs integrate both foundational research in reading, as well as emerging practices in the field, to

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