Master of Education (MEd)

Coaching and Sports Administration

Online 30 major credits * 16 months

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Program Highlights & Benefits

100% online program

Accelerated 16 month completion time, including summer and holiday breaks

No GRE or admission tests

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What You Learn

The Master of Education in Coaching and Sports Administration, a 16-month program has been revised to focus on the practical knowledge in the academic discipline of coaching and athletics administration. In addition to the core of courses in ethics and leadership, research, law and finance, the specialization now offers a sport specific practicum expertise in coaching and administration. The practicum provides a supervised educational work experience in a specific sport that allows you to apply the theories of what you learned in a practical setting.

How You Learn

Online: This program is an online cohort. Course rotation will allow the student to complete the program in a 16-month time frame. You will complete an action research report in lieu of a thesis.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will earn a Master of Education degree in Coaching and Sports Administration. This program will fully prepare the student for positions such as Head Coach, Athletic Director, University Coach, or fitness center manager/owner.

Degree Requirements

MEd in Coaching and Sports Administration

MED 5310Organizational Behavior in Sports3
MED 5311Legal Aspects of Sports3
MED 5308Ethics and Leadership in Sports3
SPAD 5301Critical Issues/Events in Sports3
SPAD 5303Finance3
SPAD 5304Facilities/Event Planning3
MED 5305Research3
SPAD 5333Practicum in Coaching3
SPAD 5331Principles of Coaching3
SPAD 5330Action Research3
 Total Credit Hours:30
Please Note:

While the chart above lists each of the courses that make up the MEd degree for informational purposes, this is not an official class schedule, and is subject to change.