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A woman sits in a library, studying with books and her laptop.

The Importance of Continuing Education for Teachers

I think everyone can relate to this analogy: “How would you like to go to a doctor who was not trained in the latest best practices nor their staff?” Especially since the pandemic, would you be comfortable entrusting your health to someone who was still doing everything in the same way they

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Two teachers talk in the school hallways as they walk to their next lesson.

How Educational Leadership Skills can Address Teacher Burnout

Every job has its stresses and can have periods where one may experience anxiety or dissatisfaction. These periods typically pass with time, a vacation, or even words of encouragement from a colleague or supervisor. It can be different for those of us in the education sector. Most educators thrive on

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A student counts their money with a calculator while holding tuition paperwork.

How I Paid for my Doctorate Degree from Concordia University Saint Paul

In today’s highly competitive career market, continuing education, professional growth, and lifelong learning are critical for all fields regarding personal and professional growth. Often, our choice to continue our academic growth related to our career fields is what will make you stand out in a crowded field. This investment of

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A student looks at a university admissions page on their laptop.

How Concordia University St. Paul made the Admissions Process Easy

From the start of the program until the end, Concordia University St. Paul was always responsive, helpful, and professional in navigating all logistics from enrollment through graduation. Continuing your professional learning is a big step and commitment that requires thoughtfulness and some anxiety. I could not have had a better experience

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Concordia University St. Paul, MN

Reasons to Attend Concordia University St. Paul

Convenient/Accelerated Format Earning one’s master’s degree is a powerful tool in strengthening one’s knowledge and view of the world. It is also often a way to advance one’s position or salary. However, time and money are typically two reasons that hold people back from pursuing a master’s degree. Concordia University

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Concordia University St. Paul, MN

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Steve Emerson, Adjunct Faculty, Instructor for the M.A. Differentiated Instruction Program

What programs do you teach at Concordia University St. Paul? What drew you to this field of study? What keeps you excited about it?  I have the privilege of teaching in both the M.A. in Educational Leadership and the M.A. in Differentiated Instruction programs. I was drawn to these areas because of the work I do as a principal in Minneapolis. I want to provide instruction to adults who want to better serve

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