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Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

There are a tremendous number of benefits to earning any master’s degree. For an educator, a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction provides several advantages, both in the classroom and beyond. It is important to understand what a master’s in curriculum and instruction is and how it compares to other

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Advantages of an M.A.Ed. in Educational Administration

What is an M.A.Ed. in Educational Administration? An M.A.Ed. in Educational Administration is a graduate degree that will improve an educator’s understanding of multiple facets of school improvement, school district organization, and state policy. Concordia University Irvine’s (CUI) master’s program not only informs but also tasks students to: Practice research

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A cheerful school administrator stands in front of a school bus.

All About Concordia University Irvine’s M.A.Ed. Educational Administration Program

What does the M.A.Ed. Educational Administration program with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential encompass?  Concordia University Irvine’s (CUI) M.A.Ed. Educational Administration with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential cohort-based program is designed to prepare future private or public K-12 education leaders. The program provides the opportunity for teachers to earn a California Preliminary

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Teacher gather and talk in a small office; one appears stressed and holds her head.

How Educational Leadership Skills can Address Teacher Burnout

Walk school halls, and you may see teachers smiling at their doors to greet students. However, walk into the staff lounge, and you may find the same teachers demonstratively, emotionally, and physically exhausted after being chronically pressured in a myriad of ways. Teachers sometimes need to vent their frustrations or

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A future student stands with a book bag and books in her hands, looking at a informational college stand.

Reasons to Attend Concordia University Irvine

There are many benefits in pursuing and completing a graduate degree. Selecting an institution to do so is a big decision. Five top reasons to choose Concordia University Irvine (CUI) include a put-together website that makes it easy to find information, including a streamlined application process, a flexible format for

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A school counselor holds a meeting with two teenage students.

All About Concordia University Irvine’s M.A.Ed. School Counseling Program

What does the M.A.Ed. School Counseling program encompass? The Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) School Counseling program with Pupil Personnel Services Credential is an accredited cohort-model program designed to prepare future school counselors for California’s diverse public Pre-K to 12 education system while providing candidates the opportunity to continue working while concurrently enrolled.

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Dr. MaryAnn Seng, Assistant Professor at Concordia University Irvine.

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. MaryAnn Seng, Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, M.A.Ed. School Counseling

What program do you teach at Concordia University Irvine? What drew you to this field of study? What keeps you excited about it?  I teach in Concordia University Irvine’s M.A.Ed. School Counseling program. I am also the program coordinator for the practicum and fieldwork program. I love this field of study because children and adolescents are fascinating.

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