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A student plays piano while his music teacher helps him.
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How to Become a Music Teacher

A music teacher has the amazing responsibility of instilling excitement for music within their students. What Does a Music Teacher Do? Elementary For most music

Front view of students reading behind books while sitting in a corridor.
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The Science of Reading

Being able to read and comprehend text is so important. It impacts the way students receive all subject areas, not just information taught in reading

A wooden cut-out of a person stands on a laptop wearing a graduation cap.
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How Does Alternative Teacher Certification Work?

What is Alternative Teacher Certification? An alternative teacher certification provides individuals with a pathway to become certified to teach. It is specifically aimed toward allowing

‘Accreditation’ spelled out with letter blocks.
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The Benefits of Choosing an Accredited College

What is an Accredited College? Nationally accredited colleges are institutions that are recognized as providing legitimate programs and courses of study by an official accrediting

Preschool teacher with children plays with young children and their colorful, wooden didactic toys.
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How to Become a Preschool Teacher

If you like making a difference and shaping the lives of young children, then looking into preschool teacher jobs and early childhood education may be

A teacher helps her students with their class art paintings.
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How to Become an Art Teacher

What Does an Art Teacher Do? Art teachers have an exciting job; not only do they get to participate in their favorite hobby while working