An older professional does work, looking at a piece of paper and working on a laptop.
Professional development

EdTech: Tools to Increase Productivity

Professional Development and Outside of the Classroom Teachers have so much on their plates these days! Classroom management, lesson plans, collaborating with others, participating in

A close-up shot of a young boy wearing a hearing aid while reading a book in a classroom.
Professional development

How to Best Help Students Hard of Hearing

Children with hearing loss can be affected at many different levels of significance. Some children may only experience a mild hearing loss while others may

A diverse group of colleagues participate in a group meeting, going over paper work that is spread on the table between them.
Career growth

How to Become an Educational Consultant

What is an Educational Consultant? An educational consultant is a resource to schools who coaches educators through initial implementation and improvement planning. Consultants bring expertise

School books sit on a teacher’s desk in front of a chalkboard.
Career growth

Academic Positions Worth Considering

Becoming a teacher can sometimes be looked at as a traditional career path, but what about some of the non-traditional groups in education? Significant positions

The head coach, holding a megaphone, watches a soccer game.
Career growth

How to Become an Athletic Director

Let’s start with a profile of an educator: After a few years of successfully running a classroom (discipline and instructionally) Success on the field in