Teacher standing next to a group of students working in the library.
Professional development

Teaching Tips for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teaching is a tough job! Walking into different classroom environments with different expectations each day, working with various age levels and abilities of students,

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Career growth

Teacher Interview Tips

Do Your Research When you are preparing to interview for a teaching position, it is always best practice to conduct research on the school you

Teacher standing at the front of a classroom talking to students.
Professional development

10 Skills of a Successful Teacher

Teaching is a profession that requires many important skills. Teachers are much more than their title. They are also often nurses, counselors, mediators, moms and

Classroom with students raising their hands
Professional development

Ways to Increase Student Motivation

It’s happened to the best of us. We spend copious hours planning detailed lessons that are later derailed by a harsh reality: Our students don’t want


How to Boost Your Teacher Salary

According to data released from the NEA (National Education Association), the average starting teacher salary in the 2017-2018 school year was $39,249. This data was