Group of adults seated at a table together.
Professional development

Collaborative Inquiry: Teachers Working Together

What is Collaborative Inquiry? Collaborative inquiry is a process through which individuals come together to examine educational practices using research. This type of professional learning

Young boy crying by himself at his desk while other children play.
Professional development

Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies

For anyone who has been in education for any length of time, it is painfully clear how prevalent childhood trauma has become. In fact, according

Teacher sitting playing guitar to a group of students with disabilities.
Professional development

How to Work with Students with Disabilities

What are Disabilities? Schools are often the very first encounter where children experience academics, structured routine, and social and emotional learning. For some students, hard

Boy with Down Syndrome typing at computer with a woman sitting at a table.
Professional development

Technology in Special Education

Technology is quickly and dramatically changing education, and it’s perhaps making some of the biggest inroads when it comes to students with special needs. There

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