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Older school administrator listening while sitting across from two teachers.
Administrative office

Habits of an Effective School Administrator

In revealing the habits of an effective school administrator, one must first understand the meaning of the word “habit”. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “habit” as an

Group of professionals sitting in a circle with two people presenting in front.
Advice from educators

Can You Flip Faculty Development?

Faculty development is a vital part of growing individuals and creating a sustainable and continuously improving environment. This is true whether the faculty consist of

Woman sitting at a desk with a colleague showing him something on a laptop.
Administrative office

Helping Teachers Learn New Technology

Why is Mastering New Technology Important? During the 2020 school year, educators not only found themselves in the middle of a pandemic, but also reinventing

Small group of students in a classroom embracing each other and smiling.
Advice from educators

How to Teach Empathy in the Classroom

In a generation that is full of selfies, self-love, and selfishness, the significance of empathy in the classroom is greater than ever before. Compounded by

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