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‘RIGOR’ spelled in block letters surrounded by other block letters.
Advice from educators

What is Rigor?

What is Rigor in Education? Discussing what rigor in education is not is as important as discussing what rigor is. Rigor is not a lot

‘Taxonomy’ written in a notebook surrounded by sketches.
Advice from educators

What is Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Education is a field that prides itself on championing the balance of theory and practice. Millions of dollars have been poured into research projects that

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The Benefits of a Makerspace in Schools

With the prevalence of information readily available for students, education has shifted from gaining knowledge to applying information to create new ideas. Makerspaces fit perfectly

Female student playing the flute and reading music in a music classroom.
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The Importance of Music Education in Schools

The benefits of music education are immense and highly beneficial to students. Music positively impacts a child’s academic performance, assists in developing social skills, and

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