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‘Wellness’ spelled on wooden blocks surrounded by stones and a plant.
Teacher wellness

How to Maintain Wellness as an Educator

Why is it Important to Maintain Wellness? It is crucial to maintain wellness throughout a lifetime. For educators, stresses of everyday life are compounded by

Two kids arguing and a teacher talking to them
Advice from educators

How to Handle Bullying in the Classroom

Bullying is an age-old problem, a dangerous condition that annihilates self-esteem, and can lead to serious violence and even suicide. Currently, the evolution of technology

A woman in workout attire stretching before a run outside.
Teacher wellness

Teacher Fitness Tips

Whether you’re in the classroom or teaching distant learning classes from home, your days are busy. The thought of squeezing in time for fitness may

Group of students gathered around desks looking at laptops.
Administrative office

Test Review Games

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun while learning? It is no secret that students love a great review game! Thinking back on my

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