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Students in an after-school computer coding program learn how to build and program a robot vehicle.
Advice from educators

After-School Programs: Just Getting Started

Student social and emotional well-being is nurtured in myriad ways in the school setting, including direct instruction on social-emotional learning skills, trusting relationships with adults,

Colorful design thinking icons on a black background.
Advice from educators

The Versatility of Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking? As educators, we all strive to see continuous growth from every single one of our students. We encourage them every day

A keyboard with a green key that reads ‘gap analysis’.
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Conducting a Gap Analysis

Common buzzwords fly around in education as though a swarm of hornets have been thrust out of their hive and the understanding is often lost

Advice from educators

Supporting Students During Transition Years

Transition years represent a critical topic for discussion among educators in the pre-kindergarten through grade 12 sector. Transition years may best be described as school