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A notebook with the lettering, “formative assessments” sits on a teachers desk.
Advice from educators

The Role of Formative Assessments

What are Formative Assessments? Knowing where students are academically is the foundation for effective teaching and learning. Observers can readily ascertain that effective classroom instruction

A student sits away from her classmates by herself.
Advice from educators

Ways to Engage Introverts in the Classroom

Every student has different background knowledge, life experiences, culture, family life, friends, and personalities. No one student is exactly like another. As a result, teachers

Teacher wellness

How to Handle Teacher Fatigue

If you’re like most teachers, you have a lot on your plate, which means you may feel pretty exhausted. If you’ve been in the profession

Advice from educators

Advice From a Retired Educator

There is No Such Thing as Too Early Teacher retirement planning and savings are extremely important, but many people do not think of this in

A young girl stretches in gym class while her teacher helps her form by supporting her back.
Administrator Insights

Why Schools Should Revamp Gym Classes

With our ever-changing environment, schools are looking to revamp in many educational venues. From the classroom to extra-curricular activities adapting to students in ways that

A portrait of a teacher who stands smiling at the camera, taking a book off a shelf.
Teacher wellness

Where to Find Teacher Discounts

It’s no surprise that many companies are now offering discounts to teachers. From deals on classroom supplies and electronics to clothing, you don’t have to

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