Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.)

Administrative Leadership

Curriculum and Instruction Concentration

Online 57 major credits * 3 years

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Program Highlights & Benefits

100% online program

3 year completion time

Develop advanced skills in analyzing theory and research findings

Focus on the development of leadership skills


Designed for the teaching practitioner, instructional coach, lead teacher, and others who wish to work in educational leadership capacities related to curriculum development or assessment.

What You Learn

The Doctorate in Education program is designed for those individuals who have completed master’s and/or Ed.S. degrees and who wish to extend their research expertise. Candidates will develop advanced skills in analyzing theory and research findings for application in a variety of educational settings, and they will also develop skills for conducting original research. In addition, candidates will focus on the development of leadership skills required for implementation of research-based change strategies. Candidates complete a series of courses and a qualifying exam prior to proceeding to the research component of the program. Candidates complete a series of courses that lead to the development of the research proposal and dissertation, the capstone research experience for the program. All research project proposals must conform to the policies and procedures of the Institutional Review Board of the Graduate Committee.

Program Format:

This is an online program; the student will log in regularly to complete assignments and participate in online discussions and group activities. During the fall and spring terms, the student will finish one 3 credit course every 8 weeks. During the summer, the student will complete up to four courses. Following this schedule, it is possible to complete the program in approxi­mately 3 years, but you may choose to complete the program over a longer time frame. The Ed.D. programs require three semesters of consecutive enrollment to satisfy residency requirements. All coursework must be completed within 7 years from full admission to the program.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program students will have earned a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Administrative Leadership with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction.

Degree Requirements

Number Title Hours
EDUC 637 Topics in Content Field 3
EDUC 638 Foundations of Leadership 3
EDUC 671 Curriculum and Instruction Strategies 3
EDUC 672 Evaluation for Continuous Improvement 3
EDUC 720 Ethical, Social, and Spiritual Leadership Principles 3
EDUC 721 Educational Leadership Theory and Policy Analysis 3
EDUC 722 Organizational Leadership 3
EDUC 740 The Teacher as Leader 3
EDUC 741 Diversity and Exceptionality Practice and Theory 3
EDUC 750 Mentored Residency 3
EDUC 751 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design 3
EDUC 752 Critical Analysis and Research Design 3
EDUC 753 Professional Composition Studies 3
Cognate Additional coursework in a Cognate Area 3
Cognate Additional coursework in a Cognate Area 3
EDUC-ANRVW Annual Review 0
EDUC-CMPEX Comprehensive Exam 0
EDUC 7546A Dissertation 6
EDUC 7546B Dissertation 6
Total for Degree: 57
Please Note:

The degree requirements listed above are tentative and are subject to change.