Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Educational Leadership

Online 60 major credits * 2.5 years or less

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Program Highlights & Benefits

For Education Specialists who would like to obtain a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Can complete coursework in 2.5 years or less

Online courses with on campus residencies

Transfer credits considered

What You Learn

The degree program has been designed to afford professionals in the field of education the opportunity to enhance and expand their knowledge base, conduct research, address current and pressing issues in education, and reinforce the competencies needed as a professional Christian leader in education.

The goal of graduate education is to prepare competent educators who demonstrate both academic excellence and professional knowledge while providing a distinctive Christian leadership and service to students, parents, and communities.

The program builds that expertise from a core of courses in learning, development, and motivation, data, accountability and leadership; organizational contexts and the use of research to drive decision making. It is dissertation based and designed for practitioners who already hold leadership roles in education or those who aspire to leadership positions of influence through their engagement in elementary/secondary educational schooling.

How You Learn

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership has been designed for the professional educator involved in education and schooling. There are three (3) on campus required residencies (residencies are only 2 or 3 days in length) throughout the program. All other courses are offered online. Candidates in the Ed. D program are required to complete Four (IV) Transition Phases in the program. Each transition phase has a set of required courses the candidate will successfully complete before advancing to the next phase.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will have earned a Doctorate of Education degree (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership & Supervision. This degree can lead to advanced leadership positions such as Superintendent (must have an administrative license), Chief Learning Officer, Training & Development Manager, and Chief Academic Officer.

Degree Requirements

Phase I: Professional Advanced Education Courses (Education Specialist – Ed.S.) 33 Hrs

Once a candidate has completed the Ed.S. degree, professional advanced course work, and if in good standing and eligible, up to 33 hours of the Belhaven University Ed.S. degree may be applied to the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree. The candidate has the option to continue and seamlessly transition into the Ed.D. program. Up to 30 credit hours from another institution’s approved Ed.S. program may be applied.

EDU 785 as a “Leveling Course” will be required of those coming into the ED.D. program with an earned ED.S. degree received from another institution of higher education having an approved/ recognized ED.S. degree program. A maximum of 30 credit hours from an Ed.S. degree will be considered for credit applied to the Belhaven University School of Education Ed.D. degree.

Phase II- Introductory & Orientation Courses to the Ed.D. Program. 6 Hrs

These three courses are included as part of residency 1 (R1) a 3 day residency on campus. These three courses also require pre and post residency course work.

EDU 700(R1)Ed.D. Orientation Seminar1
EDU 701(R1)Advanced Christian Worldview3
EDU 702(R1)Enhanced Writing For Scholarship2
 Ed.D. Introductory Orientation Block:6

Phase III- Research and Methods Courses. 9 Hrs

EDU 705Research Design and Methods3
EDU 710Research Statistics3
Candidate selects 1 of 2 courses either: EDU 712 or EDU 716:
EDU 712Advanced Quantitative Statistical Designs3
EDU 716Advanced Qualitative Research Methods3
 Research & Methods Block:9

Phase IV- Dissertation Block. Minimum 12 Hrs

Residency 2 is a 3 day residency on campus required to prepare for dissertation research and writing. Dissertation course hours are taken in sixteen (16) week blocks. Each block equals one semester.

EDU 780(R2)Dissertation seminar – Development of prospectus/IRB3
EDU 781Ed.D. Dissertation Block 1 – Development Chapters 1 & 2 – Proposal Phase3
EDU 782Ed.D. Dissertation Block 2 – Development Chapter 3 – Method Phase3
EDU 783Ed.D. Dissertation Block 3 – Development Chapters 4 & 5 Research/Results Phase3
Residency 3 (R3)Oral Defense – A 1 To 2 Day Residency On Campus0
EDU 784Supplementary Dissertation Hours (as needed). Minimum Dissertation Hrs Required: 12hrs – Additional Dissertation Hours May Be Needed3
 Dissertation Block:12


Total Ed.D. Doctoral Degree Credit Hours (Minimum): 60