Doctoral FAQ

COVID19 UPDATE: Classes still beginning this Summer and Fall. Get started today!
MAT and GRE requirement is waived for the 2020 summer and fall applicants
Your application fee will be waived for attending one of our information meetings!
Fully Online Coursework
For Teachers in Mississippi

5.5 semesters or just under 2 years if you are continuously enrolled.

$450 per credit hour

27-30 (Ed.S plus Ed.D. is 60 hours total)

There is no set score. All information is considered holistically; however, anything at or below the first quartile requires a closer examination of the rest of the application packet and denial of admissions is a strong possibility.

An artifact is documentation that demonstrates leadership potential within his/her current educational/school position.

Licensure is for those candidates who wish to pursue a Mississippi administrative license at either the M.Ed. or Ed.S. levels.  Belhaven’s licensure program is written around national licensing standards (NELP).  Candidates from states other than Mississippi must sign an acknowledgement form stating that they are responsible for meeting any  licensure requirements for that state not addressed by Belhaven’s program.  Non-licensure is available at the Ed.S. degree level and is for those candidates who have an earned master’s degree who already possess an administrative license.  Non-licensure route is also available at the Ed.S. level for those candidates who do not have an administrative license and do not wish to obtain one but who desire the advanced degree (Ed.D. pursuit is presumed).