Master of Arts in Education

K-12 School Counselor w/ Certification

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Online 45 Credits * 8-9 Semesters

Program Highlights & Benefits

Flexible, online format

Course schedule designed for working educators

No GRE required

Prepares students to sit for the licensure exam and DESE certification in School Counseling


The School Counseling Program is designed to prepare graduates who are competent to work as school counselors in elementary, middle school and high school settings. The program of study meets all licensure requirements for the State of Missouri. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible for the licensure exam and DESE certification in School Counseling. 

What You Learn

The 45-credit hour Master of Arts in Education degree will prepare graduates to work as a School Counselor in a K-12 school setting.  The program is designed around the Missouri Comprehensive School Counseling framework and will prepare students for the licensure exam and DESE Certification in School Counseling.

How You Learn

Majority of the courses are all online asynchronous format, with no weekly class meetings required.  Classes with a field-based experience embedded may require online synchronous weekly class meetings. You will finish one 3-6 credit hours every 8 weeks.

Career Outcomes

Graduates of this program will: Demonstrate knowledge of human development and behavior to promote the health and well-being of all students.  Understand and utilize counseling theories and how to apply them for innovative and differentiated interventions.  Use helping relationships to promote the health and well-being of all students through individual, group, classroom, and whole school interactions and activities.  Know and understand how to use assessments to measure the academic, career, and personal/social development of students.  Demonstrate knowledge of career development and processes and assists students in their career exploration and planning.  Understand how cultural and social diversity affects learning and development.  Understand how to develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program.  Understand how to collaborate with stakeholders to develop a school counseling vision and mission.  Demonstrate the ability to lead and advocate effectively for a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes the success of all students.  Understand the ethical, professional, and legal standards within a school counseling program.

Degree Requirements

ED 6xxAdvanced Human Growth and Development  3
ED 6xxCounseling Theories 3
ED 6xxGroup and Individual Counseling 3
ED 6xxFoundations of School Counseling in the Social and Cultural Context   3
ED 6xxCounseling Methods and Techniques  3
ED 6xxAppraisal of Student Growth     3
ED 6xxLegal & Ethical Aspects of School Counseling    3
ED 6xxAdvanced Child and Youth Psychology  3
ED 6xxEducational Research, School Counseling    3
ED 6xxAcademic & Career Planning    3
ED 6xxCommunity and Family Relations   3
ED 6xxSchool Counseling Program Development and Implementation 3
ED 6xxSchool Counseling Evaluation  3
ED 607School Leadership Practicum I  1
ED 608School Leadership Practicum II1
ED 610Internship I2
ED 611Internship II2
 Total Credit Hours:45

Students may transfer in up to 9 credit hours to fulfill elective hour requirements.