Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Administration & Supervision

Online 38 major credits * 23 or 27 months

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Program Highlights & Benefits

Learn effective school organization, management and leadership

23 or 27 month completion time, including holiday breaks

No GRE or admission tests

No weekend classes

What You Learn

Our program teaches critical managerial and administrative skills for building community and a coherent, school-wide instructional plan. Featuring hands-on internships with local master administrators, this program is designed to fit within an educator’s busy schedule.

How You Learn

Online Format: The M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision program is presented online over 23 or 27 months in an accelerated, cohort-based format. You’ll take classes no more than three at a time in six- to 10-week blocks to allow intense study of each concept. Class meetings are required, you will have local field experiences embedded in the coursework throughout the program. Students will be required to have Zoom conferences with the university supervisor.

Career Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will have earned an M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision and upon completion of the SLLA Examination with VDOE will be eligible for endorsement as a School Principal, Grades K-12.

Averett University is proud to announce that 100% of our graduates have successfully passed the SLLA Exam on their first attempt!

Degree Requirements

Course Title Hours
ED 518 Orientation to Graduate Programs 1
ED 610 Communication and Community Relations 3
ED 612 Education Law 3
ED 616 Curriculum Development and Evaluation 3
ED 617 Learning to Work with Parents and Teachers 1
ED 618 Instructional Leadership & Student Academic Achievement 3
ED 619 Technology & School Leadership 1
ED 621 Preparing For the School Leaders Licensure Asmt 1
ED 622 Portfolio development 1
ED 623 Administration & Supervision of Special ed. and ESL Programs 2
ED 624 Organizational Management 3
ED 625 Human Resource Management and School Finance 3
ED 634 School Climate and School Improvement 3
ED 636 Professionalism: Ethics, Policy, and Prof Development 3
ED 690 Research in Education and Applications to School Ldsp 4
ED 691 Internship 3
Total Credit Hours: 38
Please Note:

Program and course requirements are subject to change. Successful completion of the SLLA is required for certification.