Woman in class talking.

How Averett University Made the Program Convenient for Full-Time Teachers

I absolutely adore an adult learning environment where learners are able to have open discussions, learn from one another’s experiences, and formulate ideologies as a collaborative effort. Luckily for me, Averett University offers evening classes at their various locations; however, I had to be honest with myself. Attending a brick and mortar program was not realistic when trying to meet the demands of my work and home schedules. Consequently, I chose to fulfill the requirements of my master’s program via online coursework. Surprisingly enough, I CAN have open discussions, I CAN learn from other educators’ experiences, and we CAN collectively formulate ideologies.

With the click of a mouse, the graduate program of my dreams became a reality. Forget receiving a program layout, having to go online, find the appropriate class, and register. Averett does all that for you! Simply tell them your desired course of study, and the rest is history. It is literally a hassle-free process. All pertinent documentation is sent via email. It can be signed, sealed and delivered just the same. For all of you folks with your cell phone attached to your hand, tons of university staff send out texts to schedule appointments and send reminders of upcoming requirements. Attending a financial aid seminar is as simple as choosing a date, mode of contact, and you can then video chat or speak with someone to address all of your questions and/or concerns.

I must also share that I changed my start date a whopping THREE TIMES. Never did Averett lose my paperwork (like I have experienced in so many other universities). They maintained communication with me, but never pressured me. I felt immensely supported.

Averett has a universal system that each class executes. The professors make it easy to prioritize and plan ahead with detailed syllabi that are accessible at least two weeks prior to the start of class. Advanced receipt of the syllabus is a great way to ensure the success and preparedness of students, whether it be for securing course materials, requesting support from colleagues to meet course requirements, or simply speaking with your professor,

Due dates are pre-planned and instructors, as well as other staff, respond to emails and/or calls in a matter of hours, if not sooner. Class assignments are broken down into standards and weeks. This keeps my organizational skills high, and my stress levels low.

Their online system is user friendly and assists with guiding you through each standard, assignment, and feedback. Professors also reach out to the class to send greetings, reminders of expectations, and establish a culture of self-guided learning. Students receive a two-week break between classes, which allows reflection of what was learned, along with time to recharge and prepare for the upcoming course. Courses are executed one at a time,as to allow full immersion in each one.

Though the program is facilitated with rigor and a strong emphasis is placed on research and analysis, the multitude of resources and supports provided makes Averett ideal for any full-time teacher looking to further their academic endeavors. It is rather evident that Averett’s overall goal is the success of all students. Averett has a great understanding of the life and needs of a teacher seeking academic growth.