Why I Loved My First Master’s Degree Semester at Averett University

It still confuses me how one can want something so badly, yet drag his or her feet in making it happen. Well, needless to say, that was me when starting my master’s program. Upon graduation from my undergrad, I knew I wanted to pursue my master’s degree. The main question that always left me idle, however, was where. Where was I willing to dedicate my time, money, and affiliation?

After months of searching, I decided to take a break in hopes that things would fall into place. Lo and behold, several days later, I received a correspondence in my work mailbox, outlining courses of study at Averett University. I had emailed and/or called many universities in an attempt to get a feel for the school. Never did I end these exchanges feeling sure about their programs. However, in speaking with a multitude of staff at Averett University, I knew I had found the one. It just felt right. They were genial, answered my questions in a timely and efficient manner, and were very accommodating of my schedule.

Every staff member I spoke with made sure I understood school policies, the various programs the university offered, my financial obligations, and assisted me in completing paperwork. I felt like they actually knew me, cared about this new journey I was embarking upon, and wanted to ensure not only my immediate success, but my life-long road to professional and personal growth. It is evident that Averett is a spiritually based university in the way they treated me. I like to feel like I am an individual, and not just a number on a roster, like I have at past institutions. I never had to speak to machines or get transferred to several different people before receiving whatever assistance I may have needed.

My first semester was great! My first course acclimated me with to Averett’s online portal, along with the countless resources the university offers. It also mentally prepared me for the time commitment and autonomy necessary for attainment of an online degree. The syllabus was always very detailed and spelled out every task perfectly. It left little room for questions, which I love! My professors were readily available for communication, and always provided timely and thorough feedback. Let me not forget to mention the countless people I was able to interact with and learn from within the course.

Upon completion of my master’s program in administration and supervision, I know Averett will have prepared me for an administrative position on the secondary level. Ultimately, I would love to be the superintendent in a school district while working towards opening and heading a specialty school.

I brag about Averett every chance I get! The weird thing about writing this is that I’m still in disbelief that I started such an arduous, yet gratifying journey. Moreover, I am blessed to say I started this journey with Averett University.