What is a Post-Master’s Certificate?

Janelle Cox
Janelle Cox
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Suppose you’re an experienced educator who holds a master’s degree but are still looking to advance your educational skills or move into a leadership or administrative position. In that case, you may consider completing a post-master’s certificate as opposed to another, full degree.

What is a Post-Master’s Certificate?

A post-master’s certificate (PMC) is a short educational program designed for experienced teachers already holding a master’s degree. The purpose of the program is to take your education a step further and develop your skills in a specific area of education, rather than a broad area like in a master’s degree program. For example, if you’re a certified teacher and hold a master’s degree and want to pursue a leadership role, you would complete a post-master’s certificate in instructional leadership, leadership in higher education, or something similar.

While each specific certification program is different, they are all designed to help you focus and develop your skills and knowledge in a specific area of education that goes beyond what you learned in your master’s program.

Benefits of a Post-Master’s Certificate

While you may have thought you were done with your academic career after your master’s degree, continuing for your post-master’s certificate may be worth your while. It will enhance your skills and expand your job opportunities and may also be the right move to getting your dream job. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider a post-master’s certificate:

Less Time Consuming

If you’re considering the amount of time it may take to complete a PMC, know that it is far less time-consuming than if you were to pursue an additional master’s degree. Most certificate programs take only about three to four semesters to complete. For example, a post-master’s certificate in school district leadership requires 15 credit hours and only takes three semesters to complete.

More Affordable

Since a post-master’s certificate takes less time to complete than completing an additional master’s degree, it makes it a more affordable option to enhance your career. If you were to complete an additional master’s degree, it would not only take you longer but also cost you more money.

Complete It Online

Post master’s certificates offer a flexible opportunity to further your knowledge and skills. Since the majority of students are working professionals, you’ll find many options available online or hybrid. Using the example mentioned earlier, if you were to pursue a school district leadership certificate, it could be fully completed online, with the addition of internship hours at your current place of employment or district.

Increase Your Salary

You can expect a salary increase if you earn a post-master’s certificate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2021, an educational administrator makes an average of $96,000 a year, which is a huge leap if you are currently an elementary or high school teacher who on average makes about $60,000 a year.

Stand Out

One of the many benefits of having your master’s degree is that it helps you stand out. With so many people getting their bachelor’s degrees and now their master’s degrees, a post-master’s certificate may be just the added leverage you need to land your dream job.

Prepares for Leadership

If leadership is what you’re after, then completing your post-master’s certificate will help demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in a leadership role. It can help you learn how to take on great responsibility and showcase your leadership skills. If you’re an independent, self-motivated professional that is looking to expand your knowledge without having to complete an additional grad degree, then pursuing a post-master’s certificate may be the right option for you.

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