Great Graduate School Scholarships and Financial Assistance for Teachers

Sandra Burns
Sandra Burns
Elementary school principal; M.A. Ed. Administration & Leadership K-12, Special Education Supervision K-12
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Pursuing a graduate degree is something that takes a lot of thought and planning. It isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, and often financial restraints may be a barrier as to why someone would not continue with their education. One thing worth mentioning is that financial help and support are available to alleviate some of the financial worry that goes along with paying for a college education, such as graduate school scholarships and grants. 

Future Female Educators Scholarship 

For those who qualify, there is the Future Female Educators Scholarship. The great news with this grant is that any female-identifying graduate student, undergraduate, or high school senior who will be working on an education degree at an accredited university may apply for this scholarship. This gives everyone that same opportunity if you are a female, as the person in front or behind you. Another major plus is that the main purpose of this scholarship is set to ensure that students who want to become teachers have the necessary funding to do so, in turn supporting female-identifying students who are studying education.

The Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship

There is also the opportunity for a grant that is specific to teachers who teach gifted students. The Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship award is available for U.S. college graduate students who are currently teaching K-12 gifted education. Students who apply for this grant must have been a member of the National Association for Gifted Children for one year or more and be returning to college to receive advanced training in a gifted education program.  

For this award the successful nominee(s) will each receive a scholarship to reimburse costs up to $2,000 annually, non-renewable. The lucky candidate will receive half the scholarship when the award is given in November at the NAGC Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, and the remaining half of the scholarship upon receipt of an official transcript and a two-page review of his/her coursework. The NAGC website lists additional details for any students are interested. The total dollars awarded for this scholarship is $4,000. 

Additional Financial Assistance Opportunities 

Federal TEACH Grant 

One program that may be able to assist with financial concern is the TEACH Grant. There are a few steps involved in earning this grant. A TEACH Grant is known as a program of study that is designed to prepare someone to teach as a highly qualified teacher in a highly needed field and that leads to a bachelor’s or master’s degree or is a post-baccalaureate program.  

Schools participating in the TEACH Grant Program are responsible for determining which programs they offer are TEACH-Grant-eligible. A program that is TEACH Grant-eligible at one school might not be TEACH-Grant-eligible at another school. Enrolling students are strongly urged to contact the financial aid office at the school they are attending, or are thinking about attending, to find out which programs at that school are eligible. 

All candidates must complete one four-year service obligation for all TEACH Grants that a student receives for undergraduate study, and one four-year service obligation for all TEACH Grants they would receive for a graduate study program. If a student has more than one service obligation, the same teaching service can sometimes satisfy some or all of each obligation.

Each year you receive a TEACH Grant, recipients must sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve that will be available electronically on a Department of Education website.  

The TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve specifies the conditions under which the grant will be awarded, the teaching service requirements, and includes an acknowledgment by the educator pursuing the grant, that they understand that if they do not meet the teaching service requirements they must repay the grant as a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, with interest accrued from the date the grant funds were disbursed.

The Department of Education website and helpline in your state can help explain more in-depth the requirements of this grant as well as lead you in the right direction for assistance. The financial aid office may also be a great resource to seek assistance on if you qualify. 

Seek out Financial Supports 

Additional information on these scholarships, grant, and more that may apply to those looking can be found on any department of education website. There are several opportunities to earn scholarships and the more that you are willing to reach out, the more information you will be able to find.

Sometimes, taking a few minutes to look into a possibility can be all it takes to help the financial burden of continuing your education. It also may give you an opportunity that you might not otherwise have. 

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