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Dr. Lori McDonald
Dr. Lori McDonald
Elementary School Teacher; Ed.D. in School Leadership/Administration
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With the increasing pressure of results and accountability that many new educators experience, it is not surprising that completing a graduate degree may not be on the radar for most. The idea of attending classes and completing assignments on top of all the duties of a classroom teacher would be intimidating for both new and experienced teachers. Regardless of which category you find yourself in, there is a solution to the problems that accompany the pursuit of a graduate degree. Online master’s programs provide the necessary convenience and pace to make earning a master’s degree possible while working a full-time job.

Increased Access and Convenience 

In years past, earning an advanced degree meant a lot of weeknights spent attending in-person classes, as well as traveling to campus. These challenges are made even more difficult by responsibilities that go along with a full-time job and family obligations. Now, however, there are so many great options for completely online master’s degree programs. An online master’s degree program brings the classes to you.

With the increased accessibility and convenience of online graduate programs, the possibility of pursuing an advanced degree is far more feasible for full-time professionals. Extremely user-friendly online platforms are used by most institutions. These platforms allow access to many types of online resources as well as discussion boards, on which you can communicate with other students completing the same course. Often, group projects may even be utilized so students can learn from one another. As long as you have internet access, you can easily be involved in these enriching yet convenient learning experiences.

Flexible Schedules

Scheduling for a full-time professional, who more often than not also has home and family responsibilities, can be very challenging. Taking your graduate classes online eliminates a lot of these challenges and allows you to complete classwork on your own schedule. Commuting, parking, childcare – all of these problems are eliminated because of flexible scheduling. You can choose a coursework schedule that suits your own lifestyle. You may choose to take one course at a time or more than one in the summer if you have more time. You may also look for programs that are specifically designed with full-time professionals in mind. These courses will give assignment requirements and deadlines up front, so you can work at your own pace and at your own convenience.

More Degree Options

Now more than ever, with online graduate programs there are many degree options. Because of the flexibility you have with online courses, you can enter programs that are offered anywhere, not just those that are offered within driving distance. Whether you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, school leadership, school counseling, or media specialist, there are plenty of options to be found online.

Highly Qualified Instructors 

Because these programs are completed entirely online, not only can institutions accept students from anywhere in the country, but they can also hire the most highly qualified instructors, regardless of where they live. These programs are as attractive to instructors as they are to students because of the convenience and flexibility. This means you will be able to learn from instructors that have a great deal of experience in your field. You will be able to learn from their expertise as they know what is needed to be highly successful in your specific area.

Personalized Learning

An online master’s program puts you in control of your own learning. You can make your own schedule and work at your own pace. Online programs encourage students to pursue the specific areas and content that interest them. Also, instructors in online programs will be available to answer questions and help guide you through the learning process and personalize instruction.

Career Advancement

Because of the opportunities for career advancement along with the convenience and flexibility in scheduling, pursuing an online master’s degree is really a no-brainer. If you would like the opportunity to be considered for positions such as lead teacher or instructional coach, an advanced degree will be necessary.

Also, it may be difficult to see this far ahead when beginning your teaching career, but seeking a degree in school leadership can open up the possibilities of entering into administrative positions down the road. You may one day be interested in being a school principal or assistant principal. However, if you choose to stay in the classroom, a school leadership degree will be very useful and help you be a leader in your school. Advanced degrees usually mean a salary increase as well.

With the many opportunities and benefits that come along with a master’s degree, it is something that should be seriously considered. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of your career or several years in, an advanced degree can be very beneficial. When you look at the benefits, as you also consider the convenience, accessibility, quality, and flexibility of an online master’s program, it is most certainly a great option for full-time professionals.

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