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Sara O'Lena

Sara O'Lena
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Counselor Education Certification w/ Master's


Individuals who wish to become professional school counselors (Individuals who are not certified teachers will be required to take an additional
6 credit hours for a total of 42 credits).

Program Highlights & Benefits:

  • 20 month completion time including summer and holiday breaks
  • Obtain a Masters degree with other local teachers
  • Increases the chance of obtaining a promotion
  • Make yourself more versatile in highly competitive job market

What You Learn:

The purpose of the program in counselor education is to prepare competent school counseling professionals who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to work effectively with students, teachers, administrators, families, and community agencies. To this end, coursework and field experiences have been designed that permit students to grow professionally and personally in a challenging learning environment. Graduates of the program will be prepared to provide culturally relevant and ethically sound counseling, coordination, consultation, and classroom guidance activities.

How You Learn:

This is a cohort program; courses meet one night a week, from 4:45 to 7:45 p.m., the same night for the entire program. During the summer, one of your courses will meet in a two-week intensive format that will meet during daytime hours. Class meetings will be supplemented by additional online activities which may include assignments, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically outside of class. You will finish one 3-credit course every 8 weeks. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 2 years. (2½ years if not a certified teacher).

Career Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program and passing the appropriate Praxis examination, students will have earned a Master of Education degree and be eligible for certification as a School Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania.

Comprehensive Examination:

A comprehensive examination is required of all certification and degree candidates. This examination address the area in which the student has specialized. Some programs require a portfolio and oral defense as part of the comprehensive examination.

Degree Requirements:

Course Title Hours
CE 810* Foundations of Counseling 3
CE 830* Group Counseling 3
ED 940 Research 3
EP 740 Human Development 3
CE 820* Elementary and Secondary School Counseling 3
CE 840* Career Development and Counseling 3
CE 850* Counseling Techniques 3
CE 890* Counseling Theories and Practice 3
EP 810 Assessment and Data 3
CE 981* School Counseling Practicum 3
CE 991* School Counseling Elementary PreK-6 Internship 3
CE 993* School Counseling GR 7-12 Internship 3
Total Credit Hours: 36

Additional required coursework for individuals who are not certified teachers:

ELL 710 English Language Learners 3
REA 810
REA 820
Language & Literacy in the Preschool and Elementary School

Language & Literacy in the Middle/Secondary School and Beyond
EP 820 Special Education for School Leaders 3
Total Credit Hours: 45

Please Note:

This program meets certification requirements in Pennsylvania. The program is designed to meet Ohio licensure requirements but licensure is subject to changing Ohio standards, ODE transcript analysis and testing requirements. In some cases, additional coursework may be required to meet state standards.

Students who wish to earn School Counselor Certification only will take a 27 credit hour sequence, as noted by the asterisks (*) above.

As per Pennsylvania Department of Education: All certification candidates must demonstrate the competencies embedded in ELL 710, REA 810-820 and EP 820. Most teachers certified in the state of Pennsylvania will have completed this coursework as a part of his or her initial certification program. Upon review of your transcript, if you have not completed coursework that meets these competencies, you may be required to take one or more of these courses in order to earn School Counselor certification.

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