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Sara O'Lena

Sara O'Lena
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Reading Specialist Program


Experienced educators who wish to expand their knowledge, ability and effectiveness in the teaching of literacy while earning certification as a Reading Specialist.

Program Highlights & Benefits:

  • 20 month completion time including summer and holiday breaks
  • Obtain a Master's degree with other local teachers
  • Increases the chance of obtaining a promotion
  • Make yourself more versatile in highly competitive job market

What You Learn:

The graduate program in reading is designed to prepare students for a variety of roles in the reading profession. This program enables them to develop as teachers and school literacy leaders. The program is particularly designed for those who seek to hold the master’s degree and reading specialist certificate. The reading specialist may: 1) work directly or indirectly with students in elementary through developmental reading at the college level who have not thrived with general classroom instruction and/ or, 2) work in the capacity of resource teacher and curriculum adviser and/or, 3) work with teachers, administrators, and other professionals as a literacy coach, supervisor, or professional developer to enhance and coordinate the total reading program in a school or district.

How You Learn:

This is a cohort program; courses meet one night a week, from 4:45 to 7:45 p.m., the same night for the entire program. During the summer, one of your courses will meet in a two-week intensive format that will meet during daytime hours. Class meetings will be supplemented by additional online activities which may include assignments, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically outside of class. You will finish one 3-credit course every 8 weeks. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 2 years.

Career Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program and passing the appropriate Praxis examination, students will have earned a Master of Education degree and be eligible for certification as a Reading Specialist in the state of Pennsylvania.

Degree Requirements:

Course Title Hours
REA 810* Language and Literacy in the Preschool and Elementary School 3
REA 820* Language and Literacy in the Middle/Secondary School and Beyond 3
REA 850* Linking Assessment and Instruction 3
REA 860* Leadership in the School Literacy Program 3
REA 990* Literacy Research and the Changing Role of the Reading Specialist 3
REA 980* Practicum in Reading 3
ED 890* Trends in Language Arts 3
EP 810 Assessment and Data 3
REA 830 Advanced Children’s and Young Adult Literature 3
ED 940 Research 3
EP 740 Human Development 3
Total Credit Hours: 33

The following course may be required if you have not previously taken an ELL course:

ELL 710 English Language Learners 3
Total Credit Hours: 36

Please Note:

This program meets certification requirements in Pennsylvania. The program is designed to meet Ohio licensure requirements but licensure is subject to changing Ohio standards, ODE transcript analysis and testing requirements. In some cases, additional coursework may be required to meet state standards.

* Students who wish to add a Reading Specialist Endorsement to their existing teaching license in PA will need to take a 21 credit hour sequence which can be completed in 4 semesters as noted by asterisks (*) above and pass the PA Praxis Reading test.

Students who wish to add a Reading Specialist Endorsement to their existing teaching license in Ohio will need to take a 15 credit hour sequence which can be completed in 3 semesters as noted by cross symbol() above and pass the Ohio Praxis Reading test.

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