M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching


Present coaches or individuals with athletic experience looking to assume responsibilities in their future or present employment as coaching assistants, coaches, or working with athletes of any age.

What You Learn:

This program will provide significant influence in a field that requires coaches to be able to administer, teach, support, and create programs for athletes that adhere to the National Standards for Sport Coaches, established and published by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. The M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching will be framed by these standards, which encompass domains that include both scientific and practical components expected by administrators, athletes, and the public.

How You Learn:

Online Format: This is an online cohort program. No face-to-face class meetings are required, but students will be engaged in an active and engaging online classroom environment that includes assignments, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically. You will finish one 3-credit course every 8 weeks. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 1 1/2 years. Courses are taught by faculty who have years of real-world experience in coaching, teaching, physical education, sports psychology and educational administration.

Career Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, students will earn an M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching and be able to apply what they've learned to present or future coaching positions in school districts or at institutions of higher learning.

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, athletic coaching is a field growing nationally, as well as locally, with recent surveys indicating that approximately 10,000 coaches and scouts are employed in western Pennsylvania.

Graduates with a M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching will be prepared for coaching opportunities in various settings including:

  • K-12 public or private schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Club and travel sports programs
  • Professional sports teams

Degree Requirements:

Course Title Hours
EDUC 505 The Art and Science of Athletic Coaching 3
EDUC 506 Safety and Physical Conditioning of Athletes I 3
EDUC 507 Safety and Physical Conditioning of Athletes II 3
EDUC 508 Sports Psychology 3
EDUC 509 Diversity and Ethical Responsibility in Coaching 3
EDUC 510 Administration and Financial Responsibilities of Coaching 3
EDUC 511 Communication Skills for Athletic Coaches 3
EDUC 512 Research: Contemporary Theory to Current Practice 3
EDUC 513 Supervision and Evaluation of Athletes 3
EDUC 514 Practicum 3
  Total Credit Hours: 30

Please Note:

Program and course requirements are subject to change to comply with university policy.