Principal Licensure Only

Earn Your Principal Licensure

The purpose of the Principal Licensure program is to enable the candidate with an earned master’s degree to enroll in this program and receive the Ohio Principal licensure. Aligned with standards for Ohio Educators & Principals, this 30 credit hour (2-year completion time) program is being offered at a special per credit hour tuition rate.

Licensure Program Highlights:

  • Approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education
  • Up to 50% transfer credits considered
  • ONLY 30 credit hours (includes internship)
  • Aligned with standards for Ohio Educators & Principals
  • 2-year completion time

Benefits of the Online Format:

  • No special computer skills required; user-friendly format
  • Professors and Advisors readily available
  • Accessible interaction with classmates
  • Computer Help Desk is available for tech support

Areas of Study:

Course Title Hours
EDL 6121 Ohio: Supervision and Improvement of Instruction 3
EDL 6131 Ohio: School Evaluation & Changes Processes 3
EDL 6241 Ohio: Instructional Leadership 3
EDL 6300 Ohio: Ethics of School Leadership 3
EDL 6310 Ohio: Schools, Family, Community Partnerships 3
EDL 6220 School Organization and Human Resources 3
EDL 6201 School Finance & Business Management 3
EDL 6983 Ohio: School Leadership: Internship I 3
EDL 6984 Ohio: School Leadersihp: Internship II 3
EDL 6231 School Law 3
  Total Credit Hours: 30

Tuition Guarantee:

The special per credit hour cohort tuition is $425 for Principal Licensure Only. This rate is guaranteed not to increase over the life of the cohort. In addition, a technology fee of $15 per credit hour ($45 per 3 credit course) will be assessed for the purpose of supporting and enhancing student learning (Concordia e-mail, Blackboard, text notifications), and a $143 graduation fee. We reserve the right to offer different tuition rates, or change the prices of other programs.

Admission Requirements:

  • A Master's Degree with at least a 3.00 GPA
  • 2 years teaching experience in grade level(s) of teaching license
  • Objective Statement essay
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official sealed academic transcripts from institutions where degrees were earned
  • Copy of Ohio teacher license

Once all materials are submitted and your file is complete, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Your file will be reviewed by the Graduate Admission Committee.
  2. An admission decision will be reached immediately following the committee review, and you will be notified in writing within a few days.

NOTE: Admission to Concordia University Chicago depends on several factors, including: the cumulative GPA, program fit, professional experience, letters of recommendation, and an objective statement (critical writing sample). Students who do not have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 2.25 (on a 4.00 scale) will not be considered for admission.

Applicants may enroll in one semester of classes as a "pending" student awaiting an admission decision. Please note that participation and enrollment in the cohort does not guarantee admission to the University. Pending students who are denied admission will not be automatically withdrawn from the class, and will not receive a tuition refund. 

The Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment Services will send a letter upon receipt of your application, and non-refundable $60.00 application fee (includes 1-year Associate Membership in OAESA). If you have any questions regarding your admission status, please feel free to contact us at:

Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment Services
Phone: 708-209-4093
Fax: 708-209-3454

Other Contacts:

Cohort Information Graduate Information Office 800-946-9608
Payment Plan Office of Student Business Services 708-209-3237

This is only an introduction of the program. You are responsible to review the Graduate Catalog for program details.