Master's of Education (M.Ed.) Moderate & Severe Disabilities (P-12) Certification (for teachers certified in a field other than LBD)


The Master of Arts degree with Certification in Moderate & Severe Disabilities is a certification program for certified teachers who wish to teach students with moderate to severe disabilities (MSD). No LBD Certification is required to be eligible for this program.

What You Learn:

Kentucky needs highly effective MSD teachers. The Moderate & Severe Disabilities program is designed to provide certified teachers with knowledge and strategies to teach MSD school-age children and young adults, as well to plan for their transition into adult life. Research-based practices are stressed. Instructional, social, educational, and transitional needs are addressed from birth through adult life. Collaboration with regular education, families, and community agencies in inclusive settings is emphasized.

How You Learn:

This is a fully online cohort. Most courses will be offered in a 7 and a half week format, though some 15 week courses may be included. (In which you will take two courses at a time). Face-to-face class meetings are not required. You will log into the online classroom using our online learning management system to participate in online activities which may include assignments, webinars or chats, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 2 1/2 years.

Career Outcomes:

Upon completion of the courses outline below, students will have earned a Master of Arts in Education degree and P-12 Certification in Moderate & Severe Disabilities. A passing score on the Praxis exam will be required to earn MSD certification.

Degree Requirements:

Course Title Hours
ECE 600 Introduction to Teaching Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities 3
ECE 604 Teaching Individuals With Physical and Multiple Disabilities 3
ECE 606 Transition Services for Students With Disabilities 3
ECE 621 Language Development and Instruction Part 2 1
ECE 620 Language Development and Instruction Part 1 2
ECE 502 Introduction to Teaching Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities 3
ECE 565 Typical and Atypical Development 3
ECE 602 Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities 3
ECE 500 Education Evaluation 3
ECE 614 Social Skills Development and Community Access 3
ECE 610 Supporting Challenging Behaviors 3
ECE 616 Field Component MSD 6
ECE 542 Using Technology to Remove Barriers for Students with Disabilities 3
ECE 508 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder 3
  Total Credit Hours: 42

NOTE: This is only an introduction of the program. Coursework may be taken in a different order.