Master's of Education (M.Ed.) with Learning and Behavior Disorders (P-12) Certification


The Master of Arts degree with certification in Learning and Behavior Disorders is a certification program for candidates with a teaching certificate who wish to teach students with mild to moderate learning and behavior disabilities (LBD).

What You Learn:

Kentucky needs P-12 teachers who are committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and services to students with mild to moderate learning and behavior disorders (LBD). Georgetown College’s Learning/Behavior Disorders Master of Arts in Education helps to fill the ongoing need for teachers in this area.

How You Learn:

This is a fully online cohort. Most courses will be offered in a 7 and a half week format, though some 15 week courses may be included. (In which you will take two courses at a time). You will log into the online classroom using our online learning management system to participate in online activities which may include assignments, webinars or chats, materials, discussion threads, assessments and/or group activities done electronically. Following this schedule, you will complete the program as little as 2 years, depending on prior coursework taken.

Career Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program students will have earned a Master of Arts in Education degree and P-12 Certification in Learning/Behavior Disorders. A passing score on the Praxis exam will be required to earn your LBD Certification.

Degree Requirements:

Course Title Hours
ECE 500 Educational Evaluation 3
ECE 501 Behavior and Classroom Management of LBD Students 3
ECE 502 Introduction to LBD 3
ECE 503 Educational Programming for LBD 3
ECE 504 Collaboration and Advocacy 3
ECE 508 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ECE 575A Field Studies in LBD Component I Part A 3
ECE 575B Field Studies in LBD Component I Part B 3
ECE 576 Field Studies in LBD Component II, Final Clinical Practice 3
ECE 542 Using Technology to Remove Barriers for Students with Disabilities 3
ECE 565 Typical and Atypical Behavior 3
EDU 501 Teaching Reading and Writing 3

Coursework for Additional Certification (Not Required for All Students)

ECU 509 Teaching Math in Elementary Grades 3
  Total Credit Hours: 36-39

NOTE: This is only an introduction of the program. Coursework may be taken in a different order.