Checklist for Applicants without a Teaching License

Please complete steps one & two to reserve your seat in the cohort:


Application for Graduate Admission*

Complete and submit the cohort application by clicking the button.


$50 Application Fee*

Please click the button to submit your non-refundable $50 application fee. This button will take you directly to your secure online student portal log in page.


* (MA Initial/Alternative Teaching Certification ONLY) Major Verification:

For the MA in Education Program with Initial/Alternative Certification: A certifiable major must be verified by the program director. To request a major verification, submit your application and $50 application fee using the online student portal, then upload a copy of your unofficial bachelor’s degree transcript(s) to your student portal or email a copy to Isabelle Felkamp at


Once you have reserved your seat, complete the remaining admission steps. 


Financial Aid & Payment Options

Determine how you plan to pay for the program: Financial Aid or Pay-As-You-Go. If using Financial Aid, Complete the FAFSA online. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid process as early as possible. See the How to Pay page for information about Financial Aid or the Deferred Payment Plan.


Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts with undergraduate degree posted and official transcript if graduate coursework was completed. Students must have either a 2.75 undergraduate GPA or a 3.0 on the last 30 hours of coursework.


Passing Praxis 1 or GRE Scores

You must meet the passing score on either the CASE (Core Academic Subjects Exam) (formally PPST) test or GRE. Have your test scores sent to Georgetown College. If you take the test outside of Kentucky, also have your test scores sent to the KY Education Professional Standards Board. Contact the Graduate Information Office if you have questions about taking this exam.


Curriculum Contract

Complete and submit the Curriculum Contract using your online student portal.


4 C's

Please answer the writing prompt using critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. You may view the prompt in your student portal at the bottom of your status page. Please submit your completed sample via email to